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What are specific signs of joint effusion in the knee?

Bulge sign & patellar tap


What does Trendelenberg test indicate?

Trendelenberg test for abductor weakness at the hip

•A negative test (normal) - the patient can hold the non stance leg flexed for 30 seconds and the iliac crest on the non stance side is higher than the stance side
•A positive test (abnormal) - the patient is unable to achieve or maintain this position
•Interpretation of a positive test – generally weakness of the hip abductor muscles on the stance side often associated with osteoarthritis of that hip


What does Thomas test indicate?

Thomas test to detect fixed flexion deformity of the hip


What does Schober's test indicate?

Schober’s test for lumbar spine


What is GALS
- components of exams

GALS (Gait, Arms, Legs Spine)

To allow a rapid screening examination of joints

- Assess gait & turning quickly
- Lateral flexion of cervical spine
- examine from the side of back
- touch toes for hip/lumbar flexion (Schober's test)
- full shoulder abduction/external rotation
- inspect swelling/deformity of wrists & hands
- palms for muscle bulk
- power grip, fine precision pinch test
- squeeze MCPs

On the examination couch:
- full knee flexion & internal rotation of hip in flexion
- Patellar tap
- squeeze MTPs of feet

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