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(4) Features of Parkinsonism

–Postural instability


(5) features of Parkinsonian gait

–Flexed posture
–Reduced arm swing
–Enhanced resting tremor
–Shuffling, festinating gait
–En bloc turning


How do you test for dysphasia?

–No ifs, ands or buts
–One thing a nation must have to be rich and great is a large secure supply of wood


How do you test for Dysarthria?

–West Register Street, Royal Ulster Constabulary, British constitution
–Methodist Episcopal Church, statistical analysis


How can you differentiate issues of language-related problems?

•Distinguish dysphasia, dysarthria, dysphonia, (dysprosody)
•Handedness and hemispheric dominance for language
•Language: expression & reception (spoken & written), repetition and naming
–Fluent vs. non-fluent spontaneous speech


What is Frontal Assessment Battery? What are its 6 components?

a brief tool that can be used at the bedside or in a clinic setting to assist in discriminating
between dementias with a frontal dysexecutive phenotype and Dementia of Alzheimer‟s Type (DAT)

•Similar objects: fruit, furniture, flowers
•Lexical fluency: list words beginning with S
•Luria test: fist-palm-edge
•Conflicting instructions
–“Tap twice when I tap once”
–“Tap once when I tap twice”
•Go-No Go
–“Tap once when I tap once”
–“Do not tap when I tap twice”
•Grasp: “Don’t take my hands”

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