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Hypertrophic osteopathy?

A diffuse periosteal reaction resulting in new bone formation around the metacarpal, metatarsal, and long bones.


Growth factor that shows promise for articular cartilage repair.



Define Muscle strain

A strain is a longitudinal stretching or tearing of muscle fibers or groups of fibers. Muscle strains tend to occur near a musculotendinous junction.


What is the general idea of grading strains?

Muscle strains are categorized as grades 1 through 4; grade 1 strains are disruptions of a limited number of muscle fibers; grade 4 strains are complete ruptures


How does healing differ in tendons that have a paratenon vs. sheathed tendons?

• Paratenon-lined tendons when damaged can receive vascular buds and an influx of undifferentiated cells from the paratenon and surrounding soft tissue structures


paratenon-lined tendons, aka vascular tendons; Two examples?

gastroc, triceps


Example of sheathed or non-vascular tendon?

digital flexor tendons


What happens during the first 4-5 days of tendon healing? After that?

tendon ends lose holding power then gradually increase over the next 2 weeks


At 6 weeks post-repair, tendon will have achieved ___% of its original strength; ___% at 1 year



Tendon repair: Surgery aims to produce healing without ____ formation and allows early loading--> Why do you encourage early loading?

healing without gap formation and allows early loading to ensure correct collagen formation and alignment; Some controlled load or strain applied across the repair from 3-4 weeks onward results in more rapid return of tendon strength


Tendon suture patterns? (3)

the locking-loop (Kessler) , the three-loop pulley and the Krackow


Good suture pattern for flat tendons?

Locking loop and Krackow for use in flat tendons


___________ suture pattern works best in round tendons

Three loop pulley works best in round tendons


Severed digital flexor tendons; common mistake at time of surgical repair?

To fail to identify the deep digital tendons and to repair only the obvious superficial tendons- Deep exploration is required in every case


Postop, What kind of bandage? for how long? for digital flexor tendon tear

flexion, 3 weeks


Medial displacement of the biceps brachii tendon of origin of the biceps brachii from the muscular groove is seen mainly in what 3 breeds?

• Medial displacement of the tendon of origin from the muscular groove is seen mainly in racing Greyhounds, also has been reported in miniature poodle and border collies


Medial displacement of biceps brachii tendon of origin follows rupture of what ligament?

transverse humeral ligament


Medial displacement of biceps brachii tendon of origin: treatment?

Surgical replacement by repairing or replacing the transverse humeral ligament resolves the lameness


Medial displacement of biceps brachii tendon of origin: Chronic obscure lameness; Diagnosis dependent on what PE finding?

Abnormal movement of the tendon medially as the shoulder is flexed.