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What are the advantages of modified release drugs?

Peaks and troughs are minimised
Improved compliance
Lower side effects
Less drug used


What is meant by a delayed release formulation?

The drug is not released immediately, but at a later time


What is meant by a repeat action delivery system?

A dose is released on administration, second and third doses are released at later intervals


What is meant by a prolonged release delivery system?

The drug is absorbed over a longer period of time than from a conventional dosage form.


What is meant by a sustained action delivery system?

An initial release of drug that is sufficient to provide a therapeutic dose soon after administration, then a gradual release over an extended period


What is meant by an extended release drug delivery system?

Slow release of the drug


What is meant by controlled release of the drug?

Release of drug at a constant rate and provides plasma concentrations that remain invariant with time


What is the difference between drug release from a hydrophilic matrix and a membrane controlled delivery system?

In a hydrophilic matrix, the colloids swell in contact with water to form a hydrated matrix which controls the further diffusion of water into the matrix and this controls the rate of release of drug.
In a membrane controlled delivery system, there is no swelling on hydration of the membrane and the membrane does not erode.


How do osmotically-controlled systems work?

Osmotic pressure is used as the driving force to generate a constant rate of drug release. The membrane permits the passage of GI fluid, but not drug or electrolyte


In an osmotically-controlled system, what is the rate of drug release governed by?

The rate at which water is able to pass through the membrane and how fast drug solution can pass out


First order release is what you want to achieve with modified release systems. True or false?

False - zero order


The main purpose of using an oral delayed release tablet is to prolong the half life of a drug. True or false?

False - to provide site-specific absorption of drug


How does microencapsulation alter the release of tablet?

Simply coating (e.g. by spray) the surface of a drug particles with polymer to slow down water penetration and hence dissolution


How do ion exchange resins alter the release of drugs?

Ionised drug binds to a polymeric resin through opposite charges.
Drug resin is then milled to obtain a smaller particle size


Which ion exchange resins do basic drugs bind to?

Cationic exchange resins


Which ion exchange resins do acidic drugs bind to?

Anionic exchange resins


How do KCl extended release tablets work?

Each crystal of KCl is microencapsulated with an insoluble polymeric semi-permeable membrane
As fluids pass through the membrane KCl dissolvese within the microcapsules and is released through the membrane over 8-10 hours


Which causes more gastric irritation slowK or MicroK?

Slow K


How do MST continus suspension granules work?

Morphine bound to ion exchange resin beads
Morphine is displaced by sodium and potassium ions present throughout the GIT