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What is BP?

Defines requirements for qualitative and quantitative composition of medicines and tests to be carried out on medicines and substances and materials used in their production


The BP sits over the European pharmacopoeia. True or false?

False - EP sits over BP


It is legal to sell, supply or dispense a medicinal product whose name is at the head of a monograph in BP. True or false?

False - it is an offence to do so


Monographs in BP contain all tests that provide verification of the suitability of the product for pharmaceutical use. True or false?

False - contain essential, but not all tests


Solubility statements in the 'characteristics' section in BP are official requirements for that product. True or false?

False - they are just guidelines - however, if specified under different heading then they are official requirements


The quantity taken for assay can deviate by 15% of what is stated. True or false?

False - can deviate by 10%