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What are some of the differences between men and women in mate preference?

Women are likely to choose mates who are good providers and care more about wealth and success and care more about smell than men. Men usually prefer younger partners.


Give an evolutionary explanation for women's smell preference.

Body odor relates to some of the same genes that control immune system. Women tend to be less sexually responsive to men that have the same immune genes (and body odor) as her


Give an evolutionary explanation for men's age preference.

Men prefer younger partners because they are more likely to be fertile for a longer period of time


What is gender identity?

how we identify sexually and what we call ourselves


What is an intersexed person?

A person who has an anatomy between that of a male or female.


What are some developmental influences that may produce intersexed people?

Atypical hormone patterns, such as a male who has low levels of testosterone or a mutation of testosterone receptors and females who were exposed to testosterone, can produce intersexed people. But the most common cause is CAH.


Describe CAH.

In CAH, the adrenal gland is overdeveloped from birth.


What is the difference between a true hermaphrodite and an intersexed person?

A true hermaphrodite has a testis on one side of the body and an ovary on the other or a mixture of testis and ovary tissue on each side. An intersexed person is intermediate between sexes or is ambiguous.


Is the behavior of CAH girls masculinized?

CAH girls' behavior and preferences tend to be intermediate of those of boys and those of girls without CAH.


Describe androgen insensitivity or testicular feminization. What are the two abnormalities occur at puberty?

An individal with androgen insensitivity or testicular feminization produce normal amounts of androgen, but they lack the androgen receptor that enables it to activate genes in a cell's nucleus, so the cells are insensitive to androgens, and development proceeds as if the level of testosterone and related hormones were very low.


What is cloacal exstrophy?

when a male is born with a very small penis because of a defect in pelvic development


Why have most intersexed people have been reared as females?

It is easier to reduce the size of an enlarged clitoris than it is to build a penis.


Describe the findings concerning arm, leg, and hand bones in heterosexual and homosexual men and women.

the bones of the hands, arms, and legs are longer in those of heterosexual men and homosexual women than those of homosexual men and heterosexual women