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what is abuse

nonaccidental physical, emotional, or sexual acts against a child


what is neglect

intentional or unintentional failure to provide for a childs basic physical, emotional, educational, and medical/dental needs


what is dental neglect

willful failure of a parent or guardian to seek and follow through with treatment necessary to ensure a level of oral health essential for adequate function and freedom from pain and infection


what is the overall appearance of a child who has experienced abuse and neglect

-long sleeves, long pants
-uncleanliness and other signs of lack of care
-failure to thrive, malnutition
-infestation of lice


what are behaviors of a child who has experience abuse of neglect

-fearful, cry or no fear at all
-unhappy, withdrawn
-not exhibit normal behavior
-act different when parent is present
-developmental delays


What are extraoral wounds and signs of trauma in a child who has been abused

-skull injuries
-bald spots
-racoon sing
-nose fracutres displacement
-lip bruises, lacerations
-marks on skin of an object (buckle)
-human bite marks


what are intraoral signs of abuse

-lacerations of the tongue, buccal muscoa, palate
-linual and labial frenal tears
-teeth that are fractured, displaced, avulsed, non vital
-radiographic evidence of different degrees of healing


what are signs of sexual abuse?

-bruising of petichea of the palate
-sexually transmitted genital leisons found intraorally
-difficulty walking or sitting
-extreme fear of oral exam


Can intraoral signs of abuse also be from accidents in children



when does neglect become intentional when the caregiver is what

negligent in following through with recommended treatment


what are signs of oral neglect in childrren

-lack of personal daily care
-untreated disease
-lack of regularity of dental care


what are the responsibilities of dental professionals to help with preventing intraoral neglect

-provide education to caregivers
-inform caregiver of total tx plan necessary to control oral diesease
-provide info about access to care


What are general attitudes of abusers?

-disinterest or denial in relationship to child
-lack of interest in proposed dental tx
-unavailable for consultation
-provides inconsistent information about sources of damaged teeth, bruises or trauma


What are contributing factors to abusive parents

-immature, unprepared
-abused by their parents
-unable to handle daily stresses
-drug use, aloholism


What is physical abuse in elder maltreatment

intentional use of force that results in bodily injury, pain or anguish


what is physical neglect in elder maltreatment

failure to provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, water, shelter, medicine, dental care, and personal hygiene. can be intentional or unintentional due to the caregivers lack of ability to provide care


what is psychological abuse in elder maltreatment

mental anguish and despair caused by ridicule, name-calling, humiliation, harassment, manipulation, threats, controlling behavior


What is psychological abuse in elder maltreatment

nonverbal anguish caused by the lack of communication and isolation


what is financial abuse in elder maltreatmetn

improper, illegal, or unethical exploitation of resources or assets


what is sexual abuse in elder maltreatment

sexual contact with an elder who is unable to consent or otherwise nonconsensual sexual contact or exploitation


what is self neglect in elder maltreatment

this can occur owing to depression from a loss of a loved one, elder may feel they are unable to continue living


what are general signs of elder abuse and neglect

-withdrawn, anxious, shy, low self-esteem
-illogical explanation of how injury occured
-depression, hositility
-dodges motion as if expecting to be hit
-overly eager to please and be compliant


what are physical signs of abuse and neglect

-bruises in various degrees
-traumatic alopecia
-bite marks
-dislocations, sprains
-poor personal hygiene
-inadequate clothing for season
-scratches or burns


what are extraoral signs of elder abuse and neglect

-lip trauma
-bruising of facial tisues
-eye injuries
-fractured or bruised mandible
-tmj pain


what are intraoral signs of elder abuse and neglect

-fractured, displaced or avulsed teeth
-bruising of endentulous ridge
-STD leison
-sore areas of ill fitting dentures
-fractured denture
-poor OH
-rampant caries
-untreated perio disease


Do all states mandate that healthcare workers report suspected violence, abuse and neglect of chilren



What information is necessary to have when reporting suspected maltreatment

-name and address of child and parents
-childs age
-names of siblings if any
-nature of child's condition, evidence of previous injury
-any info that may be helpful in establishing cause of abuse or neglect


What is forensic dentistry used for

-ID of victims of a disaster
- ID if a particular injury like a bite mark is a result of abuse by a particular suspect


Who is a part of the forensic dentistry teatm

dentist, dental hygienists, assistants with special training in the process of IDing remains


what are the purposes of thorough and accurate documentation

-to provide authorities meticulous info to support an investigation
-protect the abused patient from harmful circumstances or even death


What words should be used if the patient denys the abuse

suspected abuse


what should the abuse record include

-observable facts
-date, time, and place of exam
-document all leisons
-questions asked to the abused patient adn all answers in exact words