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What is anxiety?

A discrete, multidimensional, negative emotion resulting from uncertainty about what will happen, typically resulting from potential personal inadequacies


What are the two types of anxiety?

-State Anxiety
-Trait Anxiety


What is State Anxiety?

Associated with worries and apprehension that change from moment to moment


What is trait anxiety?

Individuals general tendency to experience elevation instate anxiety when exposed to stressors. It is the stale part of an individual's situation that leads them to perceive certain situations are threatening (always has it)


what are the two anxiety components?

-Cognitive Anxiety
-Somatic Anxiety


What is the cognitive component of Anxiety?

Reflects concerns and worries and reduced ability to focus or concentrate (in your head)


What is the somatic component of anxiety?

Perception of psychological and affective elements that develop directly from autonomic arousal (puking)


What is the multidimensional anxiety theory?

Describes a relationship between cognitive and somatic components of anxiety and sport performance by addressing how the relationship between anxiety and sport performance may change through phases of competition


What is the somatic anxiety relationship with sport?

Inverted U relationship


What is the cognitive anxiety relationship with sport?

Negative linear relationship


What is the zones of optimal functioning theory?

Best sport performances are likely to occur with optimal levels of state anxiety, which is specific to each individual. It is important in understanding that anxiety is not always detrimental to sport performance


What are the characteristics of anxiety?

-Elicited following an appraisal of a situation
-Universal feeling for those who experience it
-Discrete facial expressions
-Distinct psychological reaction
-Action tendency is to escape or avoid


What is arousal?

Blend of physiological and psychological activation of an individual's autonomic nervous system (heart rate, sensory alertness, and readiness to respond to stimuli)