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What chapter of AR 350-1 covers NCOES?

Chapter 3


What provides soldiers, leaders, and the army civilian corps the key knowledge, skills, and attributes required to operate successfully in any environment?

The army institutional training and education system


What are institutional training contributions are available for soldiers?

Pre-commissioning training
Initial military training (IMT)
Professional military (PME)
Civilian education
Leader development
Specialty and functional training
Training development
Distributed Learning (DL)
Training support products


What does TASS stand for?

Total Army School System


What is TASS?

A composite school system made up of AA, ARNG, USAR, and army civilian institutional training systems


What are some initial military training courses that TASS conducts?

Basic officer leadership courses


What are some of the army training proponents responsible for TASS?

US army intelligences do security command (INSCOM)
US army space and missile defense command/army forces strategic command (SMDC/ARSTRAT)
ARNG, and the USAR


How is TASS training conducted?

Through both standard resident and distributed-learning courses


What ensures that all army soldiers, regardless of component, receive the same lessons and programs of instruction, regardless if what component schools conduct the training?

TASS Courseware


What does NCOES stand for?

Non commissioned officer education system


What is ATRRS?

A centralized management database of individual training courses taught by and for army personnel


What does SMDR stand for?

Structure and Manning Decision Review


What is SMDR?

SMDR validates training requirements with school house resource capabilities (manpower, facilities, equipment, dollars) and reconciles differences into an affordable, acceptable and executable training program


When are TASS training missions validated?

During the SMDR process, reflected in the ARPRINT, and documented in ATRRS


What does TRAP stand for?

Training Resources Arbitration Panel


What must commanders and leaders ensure prior to a soldier attending a course?

That student have the mandatory clothing requirement for the course and that they meet other course prerequisites using the pre-execution checklist prior to allowing the student to report for training.


Who is the army's proponent for the training and leader development process and is the accrediting authority for army institutions conducting training and leader development?



What standard does TRADOC develop courses on?

Based on established training and education goals and objectives as well as the duties, responsibilities, and missions their graduates will be assigned


What does DOTMLPF stand for?

Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leader Development, Personnel and Facilities


What is the job of the special staff QA office?

They report directly to and serve as the eyes and ears of the commanding general


What is the function of the QA Program?

1) identify deficiencies and efficiencies in center/school operations
2) determine the value, content validity, and efficiency and effectiveness
3) provide the means for learning institutions to asses and improve DOTMLPF functions and products
4) include internal evaluation, external evaluation, and accreditation


What publication covers NCOES and NCOPD?

AR 350-1 ch. 3&4


What is the intent to managing training feedback programs?

Providing feedback to improve doctrine, training and education and supporting programs


What are some of the sources that feedback is acquired from?

Center for army lessons learned (CALL)
Combat training centers
Collection and analysis teams (CAATs) and reserve-CAATs
Unit commanders, soldiers, army civilians, course graduates, first line supervisors and studies


What is the QA Program function that helps to assure the command that the learning institutions DOTMLPF domains meet the competency needs of today's army and the operating force?



Where would you find information concerning army training courses available?

Through ATRRS (army training requirements and resources system)


What does ATRRS provide?

The capability to monitor the individual training program for all courses taught by army schools


What does the ATRRS course catalog list?

Formal courses by army schools and training centers


What does ATRRS provide regarding courses?

General course descriptions and information concerning course prerequisites, special administrative requirements, frequency of training, and training locations


What is the preferred method of conducting resident training in all training and leader development courses except BOLC?

Small group instruction (SGI)


What should the small group leader-to-student ratios range from?

1:12 to 1:16


How the should the SGI shift the teaching methodology?

From "what to think" to "how to think"


What are the positive uses of using SGI method of instruction?

-Improves the learning environment by increasing interaction between and among students and the small group leader who serves as a leadership mentor, role model, and training facilitator for students throughout the course
-facilities counseling, coaching, and team building
-enables instruction and students to share experiences and lessons learned
-fosters long term professional relationships
-encourages instructor tactical and technical competence
-fosters self-learning through group participation
-improves student communication skills


Are there service obligations for NCOES graduates?



When must a Time in Service be met by a soldier attending. NCOES?

TIS requirement must be met prior to departure for the course


What must a soldier that refuses to reenlist or extend to meet a service obligation for NCOES attendance do?

Complete a Declination of Continued Service Statement (DA Form 4991-R). It is required for soldiers serving their second or subsequent enlistment


What is the selection of soldiers for leader training and education courses linked to?

Promotions, future assignments, career management


Who will identify soldiers and make reservations for course attendance in ATRRS?



What are the guidelines that individuals will be selected for NCOES courses?

Must meet course prerequisites, demonstrated Hugh levels of performance, mental capacity, aptitude, self discipline that clearly indicate potential for continued development
Be fully qualified to perform tasks at their current skill level, be recommended by their chain of command, have their personal and financial affairs in order, have required clothing and equipment, and be mentally and physically prepared for all course requirements


Does selection for NCOES leader development courses represent a considerable resource investment by the army?

Yes. Selection is a considerable resource invested by the army


What are the training priorities that ensure the NCOES meets the needs of the army and the development needs of the NCO?

-The first priority is for soldiers who have been selected for promotion and are performing in a duty position for which the training is established
-2nd is for soldiers who have been selected for promotion and are pending assignment to a duty position in their primary MOS for which the training is established
-3rd is for soldiers who have not been selected for promotion and are pending assignment to a duty position in their primary MOS for which training is established


What serves as notification for attendance at WLC?

When select SPCs have been selected for promotion to SGT


What are select SPCs that have been selected for promotion placed on?

Order of merit list (OML)


Who maintains the OML for soldiers that have been selected for promotion to SSG?

The commander, HRC, will maintain a worldwide OML for AA soldiers recommended for or promoted to SSG


What must soldiers selected for NCOES attendance do?

Meet the course prerequisites and standards outlined in the ATRRS course catalog


Who will not be selected, scheduled, or attend instructional training?

Soldiers flagged for APFT failure or weight control


What is the minimum length of a course that will require an APFT to complete the course requirements?

8 weeks or more


Can courses less than 8 weeks have an APFT requirement to complete the course?

Yes. At the discretion of the commander


Is a soldier fails an APFT are they allowed a retest?

Yes. Allowed 1 retest


Is a soldier is taking the APFT, how long must the time be between the first and second tests?

No earlier than 7 from the failure


What will happen is a soldier fails the 2nd APFT?

Marginally achieved course standards and failed to meet APFT standards are placed on the DA Form 1059


What if a soldier fails to meet the body fat standards?

They are allowed one re-screening no earlier than 7 days after the first failure


What will happen for a soldier that fails both body fat screenings?

Placed on the DA Form 1059


Who is expected to counsel soldiers and take appropriate actions to correct deficiencies for all soldiers failing the APFT and/or body fat standards at institutional training?

Unit commander/CSM


What must happen if a soldier scheduled to attend NCOES is on a temporary profile that prevents them from completing all course standards?

They will be removed from school attendance consideration by their immediate commander until the temporary profile is removed


Can soldiers with permanent profiles attend NCOES?

Yes. A profile with "2" only needs the profile, however a profile with a "3" or "4" must have their results of their military medical review board (MMRB) as part of the course application


Can a soldier receive a temporary profile while enrolled in NCOES?

Yes. The commander will determine if the soldier can continue the course or be sent back to their unit


What are some reasons a soldier can be removed from NCOES?

-personal conduct is such that continuance in the course is not appropriate.
- negative attitude or lack of motivation is prejudicial to the interests of other students in the class
- academic deficiency demonstrated by failure to meet course standards or lack of academic progress that makes it unlikely that the student can successfully meet the standards established for graduation
- illness/injury (determined by a physician) or added physical profile limitation
- compassionate reasons
- students enrolled as a military member retiring or leaving the military and not continuing in a federal civilian capacity


What should happen to enlisted soldiers disenrolled from NCOES for misconduct?

Commanders may initiate separation proceedings in accordance with AR 635-200, AR 600-8-24, AR 135-175, and AR 135-178


How long must soldiers disenrolled from WLC for disciplinary or motivational reasons have to wait before they are allowed to be eligible for further NCOES enrollment?

6 months


Why may a soldier be removed from a course consideration list or course selection list?

Disciplinary reasons or substandard performance of duty


What are the 3 categories for NCOES deferment?



What will be a valid reason for medical deferment?

The physical condition will not allow full participation in the selected course


What is the requirement for an operational deferment?

Granted for unit deployments


How many times may enlisted soldiers be deferred for operational reasons?

One time for operational reasons by any commander in the grade of colonel or higher


What may happen to a soldier that declines NCOES attendance?

They are subject to AR 600-8-19 and may lose current promotion or promotable status


How long must individual student training records be maintained by the school?

12 months minimum after the completion of training (24 months for those dismissed from the course)


What is the primary source for course completion documentation for the army?



What will be issued to all soldiers on successful completion of courses?

Diplomas or certificates of completion


Where will all individual unit and collective training in units be documented?

In individual training records (ITRs) utilizing DTMS


What provides an orderly transition from civilian to military life?

Initial military training (IMT)


What is the goal of NCO training and NCOES?

To prepare NCOs to lead and trading soldiers who work and fight under their supervision and to assist their leaders to execute unit missions


What does the linking of NCOES to promotion to SSG, SFC, MSG, etc, ensure?

That NCOs have the appropriate skills and knowledge required before assuming the duties and responsibilities of the next higher grade


What does NCOES provide NCOs?

Progressive and sequential leader, technical, and tactical training relevant to the duties, responsibilities and missions they will perform in operational units after graduation


What are the 4 NCOES course?

USAMA - US army sergeant major academy


What's does NCOAs stand for?

NCO academies


Who accredits NCOA and NCOES courses?



What course is the capstone of enlisted training?

The US Army Sergeant Major course


What does BSNCOC stand for?

Battle Staff NCO Course


Who may attend BSNCOC?

SGT through SGM selected for staff assignments


What does BSNCOC provide?

Technical and tactical training that is relevant to missions, duties, and responsibilities assigned to staff members in battalion and higher units


Where will all individual and collective training in units be documented?



What does OPD stand for?

Officer professional development


What does leader training ensure?

That leaders can perform currently assigned responsibilities


What does SSD stand for?

Structured Self-Development


How many levels of SSD are there?