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The majority of positions within ICS will not be activated until the initial response is determined to be?

insufficient to handle the situation

p 41


During the initial phases of an incident, the IC is normally responsible for four section roles. These positions are called General Staff positions and include:
* _____________
* ___________
* ____________
* ___________ / ____________

* Operations
* Planning
* Logistics
* Finance / Administration

p 41


During early stages of large-scale or complex incidents, the immediate need of the IC is __________ ________.

command support

p 41


What section is responsible for the direct management of all tactical activities and the safety and welfare of the personnel working in its Section?

Operations Section

p 41


The Operations Section is often implemented (staffed) as a ?

span of control mechanism

p 42


The operations Section Chief is responsible for the direct management of all incident ________ activities and should have direct involvement in the preparation of the ______ for the period of responsibility.

tactical / IAP

p 42


The Operations Section Chief is typically located at the __________ _______ to ensure coordination and accountability of resources.

Command Post

p 43


Separation of the ___________ _________ _______ and the ______ may risk significant complications in incident management.

Operations Section Chief / IC

p 43


A location designated within the incident area that is used to temporarily locate resources that are immediately available for assignment is called?

staging area

p 43


All resources within the designated Staging Area are under the direct control of the ___________ _________ _______ and should be immediately available.

Operations Section Chief

p 43


At high-rise incidents where staging is normally located two floors below the incident floor, a responder _____________ ______ should be designated.

Rehabilitation Area

p 43


As an incident escalates to major operations, it becomes more important that a Command Post at a ________ ___________ be established.

fixed location

p 44


A Command Post can typically be a ranking officers __________ or a specially designed command __________.

vehicle / vehicle

p 44


Once the Operations Section is in place and functioning, the ICs focus should be on the ___________ issues, overall __________ planning and other components of the incident.

strategic / strategic

p 44


After implementation of Operations Section the ICs focus is to look at the _____ _________ and the impact of the incident from a _________ perspective.

big picture / broad

p 44


Three specific staff positions are identified within ICS:
* _________ _____________ Officer
* _________ Officer
* _________ Officer

* Public Information Officer
* Safety Officer
* Liaison Officer

p 44


Which officers function is to relay accurate and complete information regarding incident cause, size, current situation, resources committed and other matters of general interest?

Public Information Officer

p 45


In either a Single or Unified Command structure how many Public Information Officers should be designated?


p 45


Which officers function at the incident is to assess hazardous and unsafe situations and develop measures for assuring personal safety?

Safety Officer

p 45


The Safety Officer has emergency authority to do what?

alter, suspend, or terminate unsafe acts

p 45


Which officers function is to be a point of contact for representatives from assisting or cooperating agencies ?

Liaison Officer

p 45


The Liaison Officer is not directly involved in the _________ ___________.

incident operations

p 45


Who is responsible for gathering, assimilating, analyzing, and processing information needed for effective decision making?

The Planning Section

p 45


The Planning Section serves as the ICs "_______________" for information.


p 45-46


The Planning Sections Chiefs goal is to plan ahead of _________ ________ and try to identify the need for ___________ before they are needed.

current events / resources

p 46


What Section is the support mechanism for the organization?

Logistics Section

p 47


The __________________ Section is established when agencies involved at an incident have a specific need for financial services.

Finance / Administration

p 48