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High-rise buildings designed for human occupancy are of two basic types, _______________ or ________________.

residential or commercial

p 217


What are generally some characteristics of residential high-rise buildings?

* center hall corridors
* numerous interior compartments
* 24 hour occupancy

p 217


Commercial high-rise buildings are characterized by what?

- center core construction
- circuit corridors around the core and relatively larger, more open spaces

p 218


Is human population density usually greater in commercial or residential high-rise buildings?

commercial with greatest concentration during business hours

p 218


In event of a high-rise fire, danger to building occupants could develop from three sources?

- Direct exposure to the fire
- Panic or irrational actions under stress
- Exposure to smoke and products of combustion

p 220-221


What can be one of the biggest challenges facing the fire service today in controlling a high-rise fire emergency?


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