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Being _________ and _________ for things to happen before requesting resources or before moving on-scene resources close to the fire can be disastrous for Command Officers.

reactive and waiting

p 145


The impact of time factors can be greatly reduced by placing personnel and equipment in the _________ Area.

Staging Area (normally two floors below the fire)

p 145


Officers should know that _____________ with _____________ is critical at a high rise fire.

rehabilitation / rehydration

p 145


Staging reports to the ___________ ____________ in the initial phases of an incident. If, and when, ____________ is staffed, Staging reports directly to the ___________ Section Chief.

Incident Commander / Operations / Operations

p 146


Staging is a designated area to pool and quickly deploy ___________ and ____________ in proximity to the incident. It is also established to manage and _________ the _______ of personnel and equipment to the upper portions of the building.

personnel and equipment / control the flow

p 146


Staging will also provide previously assigned companies an area for ______________, ____________ exchange and ________ ______.

rehabilitation, equipment exchange and first aid

p 146


__________ should be a priority on all working high-rise incidents.


p 146


Normally on a high-rise incident, Staging is located ______ ________ below the fire to minimize the time distance factor.

two floors

p 146


A _________ ________ shall be established in Staging to provide medical treatment / rehab care for incident personnel.

Rehab Area

p 146


As a minimum, the following will be performed when implementing Staging during a high rise incident:
* Verify ___________ of Staging with the IC/Ops
* Maintain a complete and accurate record of resource status for ______________ _______________.

* location
* personnel accountability

p 147


Staging personnel must control stairwell access and prevent arriving companies from?

bypassing staging

p 147


If possible, open windows for ______________ of the staging floor or have blowers set up to establish ___________ ___________ airflow.

ventilation / positive pressure

p 147


Ideally, a separate radio frequency should be used for communications between IC/Ops and Staging for ___________ ____________, and a different channel should be used between Staging and Logistics / Base for _____________ ___________.

resource deployment / equipment requests

p 147


Plan the layout of the Staging Area using the following guidelines:
* Use ________ taped to walls to identify specific areas
* Use open storage rooms for fire department ______________
* Control reserve and rehabilitating personnel in ____________ _________

* signs
* equipment
* separate areas

p 147


Plan the layout of the Staging Area using the following guidelines continued:
* Maintain a separate stockpile of __________ and ___________ equipment
* Place ___________ equipment well apart from _________ equipment, preferably at the opposite end of the established Staging Area
* Place equipment ready for use in areas closest to _____________ ascending to the fire floor.

* reserve / expended
* expended / ready
* stairwells

p 147


Additional companies directed to Staging should bring priority equipment from _______/_________. DO NOT COME TO STAGING ___________ ____________.


p 148


It may help the Staging Area Manager to operate from a Staging Responsibility _______-_____ ________ for smoother operations.

Check-off sheet

p 148


The ______ area serves as the primary point outside the structure to which responding resources report and from which resources receive their initial orders for entering the incident.


p 149


The Base Manager reports to the _________ _________ Chief or to the IC if _________ section has not been activated.

Logistics Section / Logistics

p 149


The IC can initially assign an apparatus _________ to Base, but the IC should designate a ___________ to manage Base at any escalating high-rise incident.

driver / company

p 149


The Base Manager must maintain communications with the Resource Status Unit (Planning Section) to ensure?

accountability of resources within the incident

p 149


A Base Manager should ensure that Base resources (apparatus, equipment, and personnel) are requested ?

before they are actually needed

p 150


The Base Manager must control ___________ as they arrive at Base.


p 150


Park apparatus at ___________ _________ to allow easy access and egress in Base.

diagonal angles (\\\\\\\)

p 150


Make sure the apparatus ___________ remain with the vehicle(s) so that they may be moved when other apparatus need to pass by.


p 150


Establish a priority order for deployment of personnel and equipment to the incident: ________ _____ ___________ are always the first priority.

SCBA air cylinders

p 150


The responsibility for Lobby Control at a high rise incident are ___________.


p 151


The Lobby Control Unit Leader shall report to the Logistics/IC the number of? And?

floors in the building (based on elevator floor indicators)
and whether the elevators have been recalled

p 151


Who is responsible for the control of fire department personnel and civilians entering and exiting the building?

Lobby Control Unit Leader

p 151


Before directing companies to upper floors, make sure that company members are carrying?

additional equipment

p 151


Place out of service any elevator car that is not equipped with ?

responder service

p 151


The Lobby Control Unit Leader is also given responsibility for controlling some of the important building systems that affect firefighting operations, such as?

HVAC system / verify water supply to standpipe

p 151


Lobby Control should use the building __________ when available.


p 151


If needed, a __________ _________ ________ can be implemented to relieve Lobby Control of the responsibilities associated with monitoring and maintaining the buildings built-in fire control, life safety, HVAC systems and communications and elevator systems.

Systems Control Unit

p 151


Lobby Control should direct personnel to move occupants a minimum of _______ feet from the building.

200 feet

p 152


The __________ __________ function is implemented when equipment needs to be moved to staging by stairwells or when additional water supply is needed.

Ground Support

p 152


The responsibility of Ground Support is the priority transport of ?

equipment by way of a stairwell to the staging floor

p 152


Ground Support:
Normally, one person picks up equipment at the ground floor entrance to the stairwell and carries it to the _______ _______ landing. That person then returns to the ground floor for another load.

third floor landing

p 153


Ground Support:
The person at the third floor carries the equipment to the _______ ________ landing and returns to the third floor for another load. This continues until equipment is delivered to staging floor hallway.

fifth floor

p 153


The first alarm resources should be sufficient to:
* Provide prompt ____________ of the reported fire.
* Start an initial ______ _________.
* Handle any immediate support functions required to ensure the safety of ___________ ____________
* Assign a company to set up _______, _________, _________ __________, in addition to fire attack.

* investigation
* fire attack
* building occupants
* Base, Staging, Lobby Control

p 154


If the first arriving company has any indication that a working fire is in progress it should make an?

immediate request for additional resources

p 154


The objective of the relief cycle is to maintain a constant application of ?

water on the fire

p 156


The relief cycle is based on the use of three companies for each ____________ placed in service.


p 156


The relief cycle:
One company operating the ___________, one company at the ________ _________ landing and one company assigned to ___________.

handline / stair shaft / staging

p 156


High Rise Fires:
A 30 minute breathing apparatus cylinder typically is usable for only _____ minutes of work, depending on the _______ and ___________ condition of the individual.

15 minutes / skill / physical

p 156


In most cases, after responders have used _____ SCBA cylinders, they should be assigned to a Rehab Area in Staging for a brief rest.


p 157


First Arriving Unit Responsibilities - High Rise Fires:
* Initial ______-_____ - rapidly evaluate the situation
* Give initial radio report of visible conditions that include at least the following info:
1. Building _______
2. ___________
3. Obvious ____________ (working fire and levels involved)
4. Any _________ concerns (falling glass / debris)
5. _________ being taken

1. size
2. Occupancy
3. conditions
4. safety
5. Actions

p 157


High-rise fires - First Arriving Co. responsibilities:
* Assume and announce _____________
* Determine the _____________ of the fire or emergency
* Determine the status of occupants in the ____________ fire area, _______ the fire and _______ the fire.
* Control the ____________

* Command
* location
* immediate / above / below
* elevators

p 158


For effective command, control and support of operating forces, it is essential that the IC be stationed at _________ ________.

ground level

p 158


First IC to stay at ground level may be a company officer and should do the following:
* Assume or transfer _____________
* ______-_____ and report __________ as they are an assumption of Command
* Confirm the __________ floor location
* Determine initial __________ and __________
* Evaluate ____________ needs

* Command
* size-up / conditions
* staging
* strategy and tactics
* resource

p 159


If 1st Ground level officer is a chief officer the following must also be accomplished:
* Determine ___________ strategy and tactics
* Assign personnel to the __________ Section as needed to maintain situation and resource status.
* Provide for the _________, ______________, and __________ of personnel. This priority is ongoing throughout the incident.
* Expand the _______ to include the necessary functions to gain control of the incident.

* overall
* Planning
* safety, accountability, and welfare

p 159-160


It is imperative that a company ascend to the fire floor as?

quickly as possible

p 160


The safest method of ascending to the fire is to use a _______ _______ that accesses the reported fire floor.

stair shaft

p 160


A clear understanding of a department's ___________ usage in high rise buildings is of paramount importance.


p 160


The determination to use the elevator is ultimately the responsibility of the ?


p 161


A good rule of thumb is to give the IC an update every ____-____ floors during the ascent.

2-3 floors

p 161


The first thing that should be done when assessing the safety of elevators that service the fire floor is to account for all elevators servicing the fire floor and check them for __________.


p 161


The following are special functions for high-rise incidents:
* ________ (modified definition from wildland application)
* _________ control
* _________ support (used to move equipment to staging by stairwells or to establish a water supply)
* ________________

* Base
* Lobby control
* Ground support
* Communications

p 145


High-rise fires - Initial fire attack team:
- Breathing apparatus face pieces should be connected to the ____________ and ready for ?

regulators / immediate use

p 161


High-rise fire - Initial Fire Attack:
- A responder should be assigned to keep the dry chemical extinguisher in readiness with the lock pin removed and the nozzle pointed ?

at the elevator door

p 161


If even the slightest amount of smoke is in the hoistway, do not ?

use the elevator

p 161


Only use an elevator car with the ____________ __________ feature that allows for emergency control of the elevator car.

responder service

p 162


In older high-rise buildings, "responder service" is sometimes identified as "___________ __________".

"Fireman Service"

p 162


If the elevator car door opens on the fire floor and exposes the responder to severe heat and/or smoke, discharge the ______ __________ extinguisher to knock down a flame and at the same time attempt to ?

dry chemical / close the door immediately

p 162


Use a _____ - degree _____ pattern to cool and protect trapped persons during the rescue operation of stalled elevator car.

30 / fog

p 162


Personnel should never take any elevator, which services all floors to go ?

above the fire

p 163


When assigned to go above the fire via an elevator, choose an elevator that has a ________ shaft on the fire floor.


p 163


Use ________ whenever possible, and limit elevator use to those in banks that cannot be ?

stairs / affected by the fire

p 163


Use all applicable sections of this procedure guide when using elevator in the "__________ _________".

"Manual Mode"

p 163


If your elevator arrives at the selected floor but the car does not open make ?

no attempt to force it

p 164


It is important for the first-ascending company to determine the fire floor __________.


p 164


As the first-in company officer ascents the stairwells, they need to focus on the task of ?

ascending to the fire floor

p 164


It is paramount for the fire officer to get a ___________ between the fire and the victims.


p 165


The primary objective of the first-ascending company are to provide for __________ and ________ and _________ the fire.

rescue / locate / confine

p 165


After giving the brief report of the fire floor, the officer should quickly check the ?

floor above

p 165


It should not be assumed that a ____________ can land on the roof of every high rise building.


p 166


The term high-rise can be used in code definitions, for example: over _____ feet or _____ stories is considered a high-rise building.

75 feet / 6 stories

p 179