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Being _________ and _________ for things to happen before requesting resources or before moving on-scene resources close to the fire can be disastrous for Command Officers.

reactive and waiting

p 145


The impact of time factors can be greatly reduced by placing personnel and equipment in the _________ Area.

Staging Area (normally two floors below the fire)

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Officers should know that _____________ with _____________ is critical at a high rise fire.

rehabilitation / rehydration

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Staging reports to the ___________ ____________ in the initial phases of an incident. If, and when, ____________ is staffed, Staging reports directly to the ___________ Section Chief.

Incident Commander / Operations / Operations

p 146


Staging is a designated area to pool and quickly deploy ___________ and ____________ in proximity to the incident. It is also established to manage and _________ the _______ of personnel and equipment to the upper portions of the building.

personnel and equipment / control the flow

p 146


Staging will also provide previously assigned companies an area for ______________, ____________ exchange and ________ ______.

rehabilitation, equipment exchange and first aid

p 146


__________ should be a priority on all working high-rise incidents.


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Normally on a high-rise incident, Staging is located ______ ________ below the fire to minimize the time distance factor.

two floors

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A _________ ________ shall be established in Staging to provide medical treatment / rehab care for incident personnel.

Rehab Area

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As a minimum, the following will be performed when implementing Staging during a high rise incident:
* Verify ___________ of Staging with the IC/Ops
* Maintain a complete and accurate record of resource status for ______________ _______________.

* location
* personnel accountability

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Staging personnel must control stairwell access and prevent arriving companies from?

bypassing staging

p 147


If possible, open windows for ______________ of the staging floor or have blowers set up to establish ___________ ___________ airflow.

ventilation / positive pressure

p 147


Ideally, a separate radio frequency should be used for communications between IC/Ops and Staging for ___________ ____________, and a different channel should be used between Staging and Logistics / Base for _____________ ___________.

resource deployment / equipment requests

p 147


Plan the layout of the Staging Area using the following guidelines:
* Use ________ taped to walls to identify specific areas
* Use open storage rooms for fire department ______________
* Control reserve and rehabilitating personnel in ____________ _________

* signs
* equipment
* separate areas

p 147


Plan the layout of the Staging Area using the following guidelines continued:
* Maintain a separate stockpile of __________ and ___________ equipment
* Place ___________ equipment well apart from _________ equipment, preferably at the opposite end of the established Staging Area
* Place equipment ready for use in areas closest to _____________ ascending to the fire floor.

* reserve / expended
* expended / ready
* stairwells

p 147


Additional companies directed to Staging should bring priority equipment from _______/_________. DO NOT COME TO STAGING ___________ ____________.


p 148


It may help the Staging Area Manager to operate from a Staging Responsibility _______-_____ ________ for smoother operations.

Check-off sheet

p 148


The ______ area serves as the primary point outside the structure to which responding resources report and from which resources receive their initial orders for entering the incident.


p 149


The Base Manager reports to the _________ _________ Chief or to the IC if _________ section has not been activated.

Logistics Section / Logistics

p 149


The IC can initially assign an apparatus _________ to Base, but the IC should designate a ___________ to manage Base at any escalating high-rise incident.

driver / company

p 149


The Base Manager must maintain communications with the Resource Status Unit (Planning Section) to ensure?

accountability of resources within the incident

p 149


A Base Manager should ensure that Base resources (apparatus, equipment, and personnel) are requested ?

before they are actually needed

p 150


The Base Manager must control ___________ as they arrive at Base.


p 150


Park apparatus at ___________ _________ to allow easy access and egress in Base.

diagonal angles (\\\\\\\)

p 150


Make sure the apparatus ___________ remain with the vehicle(s) so that they may be moved when other apparatus need to pass by.


p 150


Establish a priority order for deployment of personnel and equipment to the incident: ________ _____ ___________ are always the first priority.

SCBA air cylinders

p 150


The responsibility for Lobby Control at a high rise incident are ___________.


p 151


The Lobby Control Unit Leader shall report to the Logistics/IC the number of? And?

floors in the building (based on elevator floor indicators)
and whether the elevators have been recalled

p 151


Who is responsible for the control of fire department personnel and civilians entering and exiting the building?

Lobby Control Unit Leader

p 151


Before directing companies to upper floors, make sure that company members are carrying?

additional equipment

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