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Years of Jean Coulthard



Who influenced Jean Coulthard?

- Ralph Vaughan Williams- Bela Bartok- Aaron Copland- Arnold Schoenberg


What neo-Romantic characteristics are shown in Coulthard's musical style?

- lyricism- lush harmonies- emotional intensity


Who had popular appealing style?



How does Coulthard's works show nationalism?

works often use quotations from Canadian folk music (ex. Canadian Fantasy, The Pines of Emily Carr)


What are 3 things that Coulthard experimented with?

- serialism- aleatoric procedures- electronic music


How was Coulthard's interest in pedagogy demonstrated?

in pedagogy works for both piano and violin


Name a award that Coulthard won.

Officer of the Order of Canada


Name 3 commissions that Coulthard completed for leading Canadian performers.

- the Duo Sonata for Violin and Cello (Tom and Shauna Rolston)- Piano Sonata No. 2 (Jane Coop)- song cycle Spring Rhapsody (contralto Maureen Forrester)


Which Coulthard work are we studying?

"The Contented House" from "Canada Mosaic"


Historical context of Coulthard's Canada Mosaic:

commissioned by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for a tour of Japan in 1974


Genre of Coulthard's The Contented House:

orchestral music


Year of Coulthard's The Contented House:



Performing forces of Coulthard's The Contented House:

large orchestra with expanded percussion section


General structure of Coulthard's Canada Mosaic:

7 movements


What are the 3 main ideological objectives of Canada Mosaic, identified by Coulthard herself?

- use of Canadian folk songs from different parts of the vast country- to create an image of Canada through her music, both the ethnic groups and varied scenes- to relate both the people and the scenes to her own childhood memories


Name the 7 movements in Coulthard's Canada Mosaic.

- Lullaby for a Snowy Evening- Mam'zelle Quebecoise- D'Sonoqua's Song- Harbour Sounds- The Contented House- Billowing Fields of Golden Wheat- Happy New Year


Key of Coulthard's The Contented House:

F Major


Meter of Coulthard's The Contented House:

changing meters


Specific form of Coulthard's The Contented House:



Source of text of Coulthard's The Contented House:

original French Canadian folk song "A la claire fontaine"


Describe the introduction of Coulthard's The Contented House:

- tempo: Poco lento, semplice con teneremente - opens p with serene, homorhythmic passage in the strings played motto legato; supported by French horns- influence of Aaron Copland evident in the quiet, searching quality of the string writing- frequent tempo changes throughout this short movement impart a warm humanity to the sound


Describe the "Rehearsal Section Dd" of Coulthard's The Contented House:

- marked dolce, oboe quotes a fragment of the folk song "A la claire fontaine", answered by softly pressing strings (frequent use of tenuto markings)- marked dolce espressive, flute plays extended reference to the folk melody, answered gently by strings- music builds to climax (only mf), orchestral density increases, ascending strings and woodwinds are punctuated with woodwind trills, timpani roll, and majestic crash of cymbals


Describe the "Rehearsal Section Ee" of Coulthard's The Contented House:

- passage restores the gentle mood- clarinets trace parallel 6ths in a gently cascading passage; triangle enhances the shimmering effect- fragment of "A la claire fontaine" recalled by the flute


Describe the "Rehearsal Section Ff" of Coulthard's The Contented House:

- marked A tempo, poco a poco crescendo- original progression returns in strings in an expanded form, complemented by the woodwinds- clarinets gently cascade downwards, alternating 3rds and 6ths, marked delicately by triangle- flutes and violins join in final reminiscence of the folk song- closing measures marked morendo; strings and French horn die away


In what ways is Coulthard's The Contented House an example of neo-Romanticism?

- heightened emotionalism- individualism- nationalism- modal/tonal harmony- lush textures


Mood of Coulthard's The Contented House:

serene work resembles film music and displays Coulthard's more conservative, accessible style


For more than 50 years, who has played a leading role in redefining the Broadway musical?

Stephen Sondheim


Growing up, Sondheim was greatly influenced by who?

Oscar Hammerstein: famous lyricist, close family friend


What is one of Sondheim's finest achievements that came early in his career?

invited by Leonard Bernstein to write the lyrics for "West Side Story"