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What is the title of the fourth movement of Ein deutsches Requiem, op. 45?

How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place, O Lord of Hosts!


Why did Brahms leave Hamburg for Vienna?

He was bitter that he was turned down for directorship of Hamburg Philharmonic. He went to Vienna to conduct the Vienna Singakademie.


In 1843, Robert Schumann became appointed professor at the newly founded ___ Conservatory.



Who was Schumann's teacher?

Friedrich Wieck in Leipzig.


What is the english translation of Und wussten's die Blumen from Dichterliebe, op. 48?

Poet's Love.


Schumann often experimented with formal structures, allowing...

Form to be generated by content.


Who are the principle characters in Die Walkure?

Wotan (father and ruler of gods), Fricka (mother and goddess of marriage), Valkyries (daughters), Siegmund (mortal son of Wotan, twin to Sieglinde), Sieglinde (mortal daughter of Wotan), Hunding (Sieglinde's husband and Siegmund's enemy), Brunnhilde (favourite daughter of Wotan).


Who did Wagner become romantically involved with in his Munic, Bayreuth, Final Years period?

Liszt's daughter Cosima, who was still married to conductor Hans von Bulow. They had three children before she divorced von Bulow.


Who was a La traviata inspired by?

A novel and play by Alexandre Dumas.


Which composer entered law school to please their mother?

Robert Schumann.


What is the text source of the fourth movement of Ein deutsches Requiem, op. 45?

Psalm 84.


Describe the plot of La traviata:

Violetta Valery is a courtesan in 19th-century Paris. Finds spiritual refuge from tuberculosis in her love for Alfredo Germont. However, the redemptive power of his love comes too late to save her from death.


Chromatic Harmony

From Greek chroma for "colour." Liberal use of chords based on notes outside the key. Frequently involves modulations to distant keys. Used as expressive device.


What is the English translation of Die Walkure?

The Valkyrie.


What was Verdi's first major success as a musician?

His opera Oberto, which led to the commission for three new operas.


How was Wagner influenced by Beethoven in his music dramas?

Beethoven's symphonies inspired him to infuse his operas with a more symphonic approach to writing, such as closely weaving the vocal and orchestral strands into a complex musical fabric.


What followed the writing of Nabucco for Verdi?

A period of vigorous creativity. A new opera every nine months.


Who was Ein deutsches Requiem, op. 45 written for?

Robert Schumann. The fifth movement was inserted in memory of his mother.


Why did the Schumann family move to Dusseldorf from Dresden in 1850?

As a result of political unrest.


What are some Romantic features of Brahms' music?

Modal and chromatic harmony, unexpected modulation.


Who was Tristan und Isolde conducted by when it premiered in Munich in 1865? (Hint: Ironically, Wagner would end up marrying his wife Cosima Liszt 5 years later).

Hans von Bulow.


In 1872, was Brahms in any financial trouble?

No, he was highly respected and financially successful, and made many guest appearances as performed and conductor.


Who was recognized as the greatest Italian composer of opera in the 19th century, whose works remain a staple of the operatic repertory worldwide?



Robert and Clara Schumann had 7 children; however, what put strain on their relationship?

Robert's mental instability.


How did Wagner make a living in 1839 when he moved to Paris?

He continued writing operas, but survived by working as a music arranger and journalist; his articles and essays were published in several journals, including Schumann's Neue Zeitschrift fur Musik.


What aspects of Verdi's music makes it so popular?

Enduring melodies, rich emotional expression, compelling drama, and universal human appeal.


How long did it take Wagner to complete Der Ring des Nibelungen?

Over 20 years.


Who had a "year of song," writing over 150 songs?

Robert Schumann.


Where did Wagner obtain a musical education?

Attended Leipzig University and studied with teacher/composer Christian Theodor Weinlig. However, he considered himself largely self-taught in music.


Which composer used techniques such as contrapuntal elements (imitation, intricate voice leading, well-crafted bass lines, frequent pedal points)?