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is there less oxygen on top of a mountain

its the partial pressures
therefore you actually have less oxygen in your blood because you burn it faster


when co2 is really high and o2 is low then

youll breath a lot more
changes exponentially


if two people have the same vo2 max and someone hits their lactate threshold at 50% and the other hits it at 85% Who will run faster 10km

the 85%

if you can train well and have a higher lactate threshold then you will be able to run faster


high intensity training intervals is a great training method because

you use all your energy systems all the time
train the oxidative phosphorylation system that all the pyruvate goes into the mitochondria then you will produce less lactate and it will make you run faster


when youre doing high intensity exercise lactate goes and blood ph changes in

proportion to the lactate (so lactate is almost just like ph)


we need to buffer the change in ph and lactate by

using the pathway of a bicarbonate buffer (like a sponge) as you add acid then the hydrogen ions soak ups the acid

when theres too much bicarbonate and not enough acid then the sponge releases some and vise versa


does respiration or ventilation limit sport performance

No (only MIGHT happen in diaphragm fatigue or disease states)