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will your vo2max be bigger using legs over arms

yes legs have more muscle (doesn't challenge enough muscle or cardiac output)


what is a true vo2 test or an accurate one

if you do an exercise using whole body exercise = higher vo2 max


does vo2max tests depend on the mode of exercise

yes but its more important to look at the muscles used during the exercise


what is the good time range for vo2 max tests

12-15 mins

don't want to exhaust them
want to give them a little bit of time to adapt to the increase in work throughout the test

it takes a bit of time for oxidative phosphorylation to turn on also takes blood a while


vo2 max vs vo2 peak

peak= as hard as you can and cant go any longer and give up so you peak out

max= you go finish the test and your scores will show a plateau a little


heart rate and vo2 is linear related?



does it matter what stage you use to calculate vo2

no because heart rate and vo2 is linear


as people age does vo2 max increase or decrease

increase up to a certain time in life and then end up dropping fitness over time


is there a sex based difference in vo2 max

yes, men tend to have higher lean body mass and more muscle so their vo2 max is generally higher

girls and boys up till about 12 years old have extremely similar vo2maxes