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mechanical efficiency can be affected by ...

drag (air or water drag)


the walking efficiency up to certain speeds is linear but once you start to go to fast..

it begins to curve up, so you are better off to start to take bigger strides and start to run
you become more affective if you break out into a run


why is running and walking different from an efficiency stand point

resting component + a horizontal component + a vertical component to find =vo2


if the speeds are low is the energy required to cover a distance similar between walking and running?



what is one thing that changes energy expenditure

weight- to actually lift your body mass it requires energy, it takes more energy to lift a heavy body because they require more work

weight-bearing exercise can help to burn more then non weight bearing exercises


if you want to run faster how would you do this

increase the number of steps each minute
increase the distance between the steps
increase both the length and frequency of strides


why does it require more energy to take very large large large strides

because it requires you to use more energy in the vertical component ie you would have to kind of jump


children are less/more economic runners then adults?



at swimming in cold temperatures you

burn more energy then in the hot temperatures


when you get up to faster speeds swimming then you are heating up your own body by producing energy so

you don't notice the cold water as much; you don't shiver


what helps with buoyancy

body fat


who floats better women or men