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three types of muscular tissue

skeletal- multinucleated and striated

cardiac- one nucleus striated and intercalated discs

smooth- one nucleus and no striations


nuclei on skeletal muscle is on the outside of the muscle why?

to not get in the way of the muscular contractions


____sends information to move the skeletal muscle

motor control complex


fascicles can be broken down into

muscle fibers


sarcomere proteins can generally be classified in to three categories

contractile proteins
- actin, myosin

regulatory proteins
- tropomyosin
- troponin t
-troponin c
-troponin I
-myosin light chain

structural proteins


type 1 fibers are

fatigue resistant so they do not loose power very fast


type 2 fibers are

faster a lot of power because of more cross bridges but they have less mitochondria so they fatigue faster


contractile proteins
ca cycling proteins
metabolic proteins

are the three major proteins that will all faster and powerful fibers


mitochondria are more prevalent in type 1 or type 2 muscle fibers?

type 1
therefore they are red because of oxidative phosphorylation and have more energy from oxygen!
because they rely on mitochondria for energy they contract slower
conduction velocity is also slow because they are slow twitch muscle fibers
mitochondria is involve in a type of cellular respiration and THEREFORE they do aerobic!!!!
we make a lot more energy with a lot of mitochondria so our contractions will be longer and therefore type 1 don't fatigue and also very big and strong powerful muscles! and type 1 store their energy in triglycerol so that we can use them for long contractions when we need them


the pennation angle is important in muscle contraction because

the angle allows more fibers to be packed into the muscle because it is angled and there for you may be able to create more force for a small distance


if you exercise train you can increase the __ of pennation