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When will fire hydrant inspections be done?

During the assigned month of your respective station. Each station will receive their hydrant cards the month prior to their inspection month.


Will block inspections be scheduled for the month of hydrant inspections?



When will hydrant inspections begin during their assigned month?

1st day of the month. Conducted 7 days a week, weather permitting, to insure all hydrant are checked during the assigned month.


What should BC's do when arranging hydrant inspections?

Ensure that only 1/2 the assigned companies are performing hydrant inspections at one time. BC's can also utilize the night tours to expedite completion.


When will FCC announce weather conditions? And when will hydrant inspections NOT be performed?

FCC will announce weather at 0805 & 1205 hrs. Hydrant inspections will not be performed when weather is below 40 or above 85 degrees.


Will companies return to their station whenever a 2nd alarm is dispatched?



What will companies do if they are not going out on hydrant inspections?

Notify their BC or DC if BC is unavailable. The only exception to notifying is when inspections have already been completed for the year.


What must a company do upon completing all hydrant inspections?

The engine captain will forward a memo through channels to TSU.


Can BC's cancel a companies hydrant inspections?

Yes. Ex. For training or fire prevention activities.


Who is responsible for coordinating hydrant inspection at the company level?

Engine captain.


What do company officers do with completed hydrant inspection cards at the end of each day?

Forward the completed cards to Research & Planning of TSU. Completed hydrant cards are not to be held at the company level.


Who is responsible to ensure that all members under their command have a working knowledge of the hydrant inspection program?

Company officers. They will review the last page of OP 15 with all members.


Will inspections be performed by the entire company?

Yes. If quotas are 1 & 3 the inspection team will be officer & 2. If quotas are 1 & 4 two inspection teams will be used. Officer and 1 and another team of 2 FF's. the driver will always stay with the apparatus.


What can the BC do when companies are located in areas with parking problems?

Have those companies send out individual inspection teams. Must be coordinated through the deputy Commissioner of operations. In this situation assigned members will go out rather than detailed members.


What will a company do if they discover a hydrant that they don't have a preprinted card for?

Complete a blank card.


What is the only type of hydrant defect that will be reported to FCC over the fire radio?

A hydrant which is flowing water and cannot be shut down. All other defects will be reported only on the hydrant card.


What will a company do when encountering a hydrant with a black cap on it?

This means the water department has placed the hydrant OOS. This hydrant will not be turned on and the miscellaneous block will be filled in with the notation " Hydrant OOS - Water Department".


How are hydrants to be checked?

1. Make sure hydrant is shut off then remove cap.
2. Flush hydrant, clearing and debris. Turn on full flow. Note if hydrant operates easily or needs lubrication.
3. Shut off hydrant and observe if water level drops. If it wastes.
4. If hydrant wastes, replace cap and tighten with a hydrant wrench. Observe condition of threads.
5. Reopen hydrant 24 half turns making certain no one is in front in case the cap blows off.
6. While hydrant is under pressure, observe for leaks. A small leak from cap is acceptable. Turn off hydrant.
7. Inspect CCL if so equipped. If compression fitting moves vertically when pressed by hand, note this in the miscellaneous section.


What will a company do of they find a hydrant being used by anyone other than a city agency?

Investigate to see if its being used legally. User must have a Use Permit. Permit must be carried by the person and will state who, what, location of hydrant & length of time it may be used.


What guidelines must persons use when utilizing a hydrant with a Use Permit?

1. Use only domestic hydrants.
2. Do Not Use CCL hydrants.
3. Conserve water.
4. Report defects immediately.
5. Remove hose connection and replace cap at the end of each work day.


What will a company do when finding a hydrant that is being used illegally or not to the Use Permit guidelines?

Turn off the hydrant. Request police if a problem is anticipated.
Upon returning to the station, the water departments complaint desk will be notified via FCC and a memo will be sent to the Fire Commissioner giving details.


How will companies notify FCC that they are going on hydrant inspections?

When leaving the station notify FCC via fire radio. Upon arrival on location of hydrant inspections, notify FCC again giving location. Whenever the apparatus is moved to a new location, FCC will again be notified. This will help locate dead spots as well as inform other companies of your location.


What are the drivers responsibilities during hydrant inspections?

The driver will remain with apparatus and monitor fire radio. If a run comes in, the driver will sound the air horn. If possible, the apparatus will be shutdown. If radio transmission is necessary the apparatus will be started first.


What will companies do after responding to an alarm while on hydrant inspections?

If a fire report is required, return to station and complete then resume inspections.
If no report is required, notify FCC that they are resuming inspections and give their location.


Should companies use extra caution when responding to alarms during hydrant inspection hours?

Yes. Other companies on inspections may not be responding from normal routes.


How are private fire hydrant inspections conducted?

Same as domestic hydrants. They are easily identified by a letter P appearing in the owner type box and the private complex name will be printed on the card.


How will problems or discrepancies be handled when inspecting private hydrants?

Private hydrants must conform with Fire prevention code, section 508. Any problems will be reported on a referral. The hydrant card will be forwarded with "Referral Forwarded" and referral number notated in the miscellaneous block.


Will engine companies review and update their water maps during hydrant inspection month?

Yes. The preprinted info on hydrant cards are useful in updating the water maps.


How is the preprinted location of a hydrant card organized?

The first street name on the cars indicates the street that the hydrant physically sits on.


What will companies do if they notice a hydrant that is damaged while they are on the street?

Notify FCC via fire phone upon return to the station. Give them the exact location and extent of damage. FCC will only be notified via fire radio if the hydrant is flowing and cannot be shutdown.


What should companies do it they receive a hydrant card for a hydrant located outside the city?

Companies will not leave the city limits to inspect hydrants. Officers will forward the card with an explanation in the miscellaneous block.

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