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A response which is initially dispatched inside the City of Philadelphia limits, and upon arrival of the first in unit, the location of the alarm is determined to be outside the City of Philadelphia limits.

Borderline Response.


What does the company officer have to inform FCC of upon arrival of a borderline response?

The officer must notify FCC immediately of the location and the cause for the alarm indicating an OUT OF CITY SERVICE.


At a borderline response, If a fire is in evidence and the outside Fire Department responsible for the area has not arrived, should the PFD go into service?

Yes. If fire is evident affecting life and/or property.


At a borderline response, What happens when the outside fire department arrives?

The officer will info them of all actions taken and prepare to leave. If requested to stay we will do so, must notify FCC.


If the PFD is called to an accident found to be outside the city limits, what do we do?

Notify FCC of exact location do police and ambulance can be notified. Members will render first aid service and assist in the removal of the injured or until the arrival of the appropriate units.


What must FCC do upon notification of an out of city response?

If the PFD company is going into service a battalion chief will be dispatched. If continued service is needed, FCC will notify the Deputy chief, Fire Commissioner and both Deputy Fire Commissioners.


What must FCC do if additional companies are requested at a borderline response?

The name, title, and authority of the requesting party must be obtained and given to the on-duty Deputy Fire Commissioner and the Fire Commissioner.


What does the battalion chief do when notified of an outside the city response where companies are going into service?

Will respond and direct PFD operations as well as cooperate with the outside companies. When services are no longer needed will inform the IC of the outside area fireground.


What does the deputy chief do in regaurds to a borderline response?

Deputy chief will be notified when a PFD company goes into service outside the city. If additional companies are requested they will be dispatched to act as liaison officer.


Who will approve any request for additional services when a borderline response is involved?

The Fire Commissioner or on-duty Deputy Fire Commissioner.


Are all normally required reports to be completed after a borderline response incident?


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