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What is the function of the Integumentary system?

- Covers body externally
- Protects deeper tissues from injury
- synthesizes vitamin D
- houses cutaneous pain receptors, sweat and oil glands.


What is the Integumentary system comprised of?

- Hair
- Skin
- Nails


What is the function of the Cardiovascular system?

- blood vessels transport blood, which carries O2, CO2, nutrients, wastes, etc

- The heart pumps blood


What is the Cardiovascular system comprised of?

- Heart
- Blood Vessels


What is the function of the Digestive system?

- Breaks down food into absorbable units, which enter the blood to be distributed to the cells.


What organs/glands make up the Digestive system?

- Oral Cavity
- Esophagus
- Liver
- Stomach
- Small intestine
- Large intestine
- Rectum
- Anus


What is the function of the Endocrine system?

- Glands secrete hormones that regulate:
- Growth
- Reproduction
- Metabolism


What organs/glands is the Endocrine system made up of?

- Pineal gland
- Pituitary gland
- Thyroid gland
- Thymus
- Adrenal gland
- Pancreas
- Ovaries/ Testis


What is the function of the Respiratory system?

- Keeps blood constantly supplied with O2 and removes CO2.the exchange of gases occur in the walls of the air sacs of the lungs.


What is the Respiratory system comprised of?

- Nasal cavity
- Pharynx
- Larynx
- Trachea
- Bronchus
- Lungs


What is the purpose of the Skeletal system?

- Protects and supports body organs
- Provides framework the muscles use to cause movement.
- Blood cells are formed with in bones
- Bones store minerals


What is the function of the Muscular system?

- Allow manipulation of the environment
- Locomotion
- Facial expression
- Maintains posture
- Produces heat


What is the Muscular system comprised of?

- Skeletal muscles


What is the function of the Reproductive system?

- Production of offspring


What is the Male reproductive system comprised of?

- Prostate gland
- Penis
- Testis
- Scrotum
- Ductus deferens


What is the Female reproductive system comprised of?

- mammary glans ( in breasts)
- Ovaries
- Uterine tube
- Uterus
- Vagina


What is the purpose of the Urinary system?

- Eliminates nitrogenous wastes from the body.
- Regulates
- Water
- Electrolyte
And Acid base balance of blood


What is the Urinary system comprised of?

- Kidney
- Ureter
- Urinary Bladder
- Urethra


What is the function of the Nervous system?

- responds to internal and external changes, by activating appropriate muscles and glands


What is the Nervous system comprised of?

- Brain
- Nerves
- Spinal chord


What is the skeletal system comprised of?

- Bones
- Joints


What is the purpose of the lymphatic system?

- Picks up fluid leaked from blood vessels returns to blood
- Disposes of debris on lymphatic stream
- Houses white blood cells
- immune system attacks foreign bodies in the body


what is the lymphatic system comprised of?

- Red bone marrow
- Thymus
- Lymphatic vessels
-Thoracic duct
- Spleen
- Lymph nodes