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What is papilloedema?

Swollen optic disc secondary to raised intracranial pressure


If there is bilateral disc swelling, what should be suspected?

Raised ICP due to space occupying lesion


Why does raised intracranial pressure impact the optic nerves so greatly?

The subarachnoid space surround the optic nerves is continuous with that of the brain and spinal cord


Intracranial pressure is a sum of which 3 components?

  1. Brain
  2. Blood
  3. CSF


Which hypothesis states that the sum of the three components which contribute to intracranial pressure must remain constant and an increase in one variable must lead to a decrease in another?

Monro-Kellie hypothesis


Why is it that rasied ICP is a medical emergency?

Brain may protrude through the foramen magnum compressing the brainstem

This may cause the patient to stop breathing and die


What is the choroid plexus?

Network of capillaries which filter blood to form CSF


In relation to CSF, which factors may lea to an increase in ICP?

  1. Obstruction to CSF circulation
  2. Overproduction
  3. Inadequate absorption


What may cause raised ICP?

  1. Space occupying lesion
  2. Malignant hypertension
  3. Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
  4. Issues with CSF (obstruction, overproduction, poor absorption)



Which investigation is mandatory to determine bilateral disc swelling?