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Define personality

A psychological construct defined as the relatively stable and characteristic set of traits and behaviors of an individual


What do employ control theories of personality development are most often referred?

Ericksons psychosocial theory

Freud's psychoanalytic theory



Refers to a child's characteristic mood and activity level


Freud referred to the hidden part of our personality as the



Freud argued that childhood experiences determine what?

Adult personality, unconscious mental processes influence everyday behavior, and conflict causes most human behavior


Defense mechanism

Unconscious methods used by the ego to distort reality and thereby protect us from anxiety


True or false

Ericsson did not believe that personality continues to develop over the entire lifespan and not just through childhood



True or false

Erikson, like Freud, did feel that events that occur early in development can leave a permanent marker on ones later social emotional development



Children's perception of their strengths and weaknesses come from making social comparisons to whom

Their peers


Bandura use the term self efficacy for children's perception of their…

Ability to succeed at a task


True or false

Children with high self efficacy may be very competent but do not believe they are competent


Children with low self efficacy maybe very competent but do not believe there Compton


List the four statuses of adolescent identity formation that choosing the wrong identity will lead to identity crisis later on and adulthood

1) identity moratorium: identity crisis and no commitment

2) identity diffusion: no identity crisis and no commitment

3) identity foreclosure: no identity crisis and a commitment

4) identity achievement: identity crisis and a commitment


Activity theory suggests what?

That adults who remain active and connected with other people were more satisfied


Disengagement theory suggests…

That satisfied older adults followed a natural tendency to become less engaged in society and to focus inward


List the four adult personality styles that determine preferred lifestyle

1) The integrated type

2) The armored defended type

3) The passive dependent type

4) The on integrated and disorganized type


The integrated type is…

An adult who has chosen to be very active and is satisfied, has chosen to engage in a few activities and is satisfied, or has disengage voluntarily and is satisfied


The armored defendant type is a…

Older adult who remains active in the hope of maintaining abilities and is satisfied, or disengages after experiencing losses and is satisfied


The passive dependent type is an…

Older adult who is very emotionally needy and satisfied if he or she has others to lean on, or disengaged, Rockingchair adults who have low satisfaction


The on integrated or disorganized type is an adult who…

Has lost or never had normal psychological functioning