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A Customer Administrator deletes all contacts that have been flagged as hard bouncebacks in order to reduce the number of contacts in their database. What happens when one of those contacts is recreated from a list upload?

The contact will be created in Eloqua with only the fields populated from the list upload. Their email status remains as hard bounceback and they will not be able to receive emails from Eloqua. When a contact’s email address is identified as being a hard bounceback, the email address status changes from Valid to Invalid. This email status is stored in a separate data table in Eloqua. When a contact record is deleted from the Eloqua database, there is still an entry in the EmailAddress table which contains email compliance data, such as subscription and bounceback status. When a new contact is created in Eloqua with an email address in the EmailAddress table, the associated status is applied to the new contact record and only the fields populated from the list upload are written to the newly created contact record.


What can a field merge can be used to personalize?

Emails, landing pages and forms


A Lead Nurturing Campaign is configured with the segment to add members hourly. On the Settings screen, ‘Allow contacts to enter the campaign more than once’ is NOT selected. When will contacts meeting the segment criteria be added to this campaign?

During the hourly segment evaluation and they have not been in the campaign beforeAs the ‘Settings’ are configured to not allow contacts to enter the campaign more than once, contacts will be added during the hourly segment evaluation if they have not been through the campaign already.


After a unique code has been created within a custom data object, can it be changed? If so, what are the rules around it being changed? For instance, can it be changed as long as no unique codes have been previously added?

A unique code can be changed as long as no records have been added. As soon as the custom object has a record, the unique code can no longer be updated.


After system check for sending emails, it is determined that text version is not available. You want to send it anyway. What happens? Will the system allow the email to send? Does the campaign change from “activated” to “draft”?

The system will allow the email to be sent even if the text version is not available.


After you have created and given a client their Eloqua tracking script they tell you that they have several other websites. Would you tell them to use the same tracking script on all pages? Enable strict mode tracking

Yes. To track multiple websites the client would use the same tracking script and setup each website as a sub-site.


Can a decision rule in Program Builder evaluate open text entries?

Yes using "contact field has value" and "contact field comparison".


Can Campaign Member Status values be changed?

Yes. when they create their campaign in SFDC, they can then create the list of SFDC Campaign Member Status values for that campaign. The values populated in Eloqua, either via a form submission or list upload, must exactly match the values on the campaign, otherwise the default value is populated.


Can you target a specific asset when segmenting an audience - in other words, can you segment if a specific form was submitted?

Yes, you can target a specific form(s), email(s), landing pages, campaigns


Click Through Rate is calculated as:

# contacts who clicked a tracked email link divided by # emails delivered.Click Through Rate calculates the percentage of contacts receiving the email (# emails delivered) that have clicked a link.


Client wants to display 2 product logos instead of the single default company logo on the out-of-the-box subscription management page. How would you accomplish this?

Since the company logo is used for more than just the Subscription management page, it is probably not a good idea to replace it with the two product logos. You could create a custom subscription management pages, or use styling/html to bring in the new images.


CRM Fields are not showing up. What do you do?

Refresh field mappings


Data import is set up and testing connection is successful. However no records are updated. What needs to be configured?

You cannot save the import w/o assigning Priority Source: "File over SFTP" is the value. Once saved, you are not able to run sych until fields are mapped.


Domain key identified mail (DKIM) signing is performed on which domain in an Eloqua Email?

"From" email address domain.DKIM allows for email to be authenticated by ISPs and email vendors based on the "From" address of the original email.


From where can drill down be enabled/disabled? Report Object, Reporting Options, Graph Tab,

Report Options


E10 Program builder is not used for email management. What must you do if emails must be sent from a program?

Use a 'Move/Add to Campaign' step.


Eloqua profile information is deleted after how many months of inactivity?

4 months


Eloqua to CRM what are the rules for updating leads in CRM vs. creating a new lead? Stated in a different way, how does the CRM know to update a lead versus create a new lead?

If the Lead ID is not sent or does not exist in CRM and new lead is created instead. If Lead ID does exist in eloqua, the lead will be update in CRM


For closed loop reporting, you set up 'get contacts', 'get opportunities', and 'get opportunities and link to contacts'. In what order should they be run?

1. Get contacts
2. Get opportunities
3. Get opportunities and link to contacts


For which Data Export can you specify which fields to include in the exported file?

Contact Data


From what source does Engage search when entering an email address to send to?

The Eloqua Database


From where are "there's still time" and follow up emails sent?

Campaign canvas


From where are event confirmations and reminders sent?

Event Module


From where can you add a cloud connector that allows you to set up a single sign on for LinkedIn?

Assets » Landing Pages


From where can you pull in contacts to a program in program builder?

Shared Lists / contact groups
Shared Filters
Combined group/filter overlap


How can time be managed in a program?

Time can be managed with the 'wait' and 'retry' steps.


How do you add people to a program in program builder?

Start a program using the Program Feeder Functionality


How do you change the order of multiple form processing steps?

There is no way to change the order of form processing steps. They are executed in the order they were created.


how do you create a segment that has an opportunity within the last 12 months that is now closed?

This can be done with a single filter "Has linked contact in custom object" with 2 field conditions. 1) "stage" equals "closed", and 2) "close date" equals "within last 12 months".


How do you remove people from a program in program builder?

End the path with either a 'Remove From Program' step or configure a step to move people to another program.