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What are the two contact level security models?

Shared - Contact can have more than one label

Unique - Contact can have only one label


What is a contact level security program?

A contact level security program determines when to assign a label to a contact based on a contact field value relating to a contact label category. (i.e. business unit custom field).

Labels can be associated with security groups, so only users in the correct security groups have access to the contact data.


What is the first step in the contact level security program?

Eloqua recommends to "remove all contact labels" as the first step in the assignment program.

(Source: page 5 of PDF)


What is Contact Level Security?

Contact Level Security provides the ability to manage contact security across different users within an organizationFor example, users from one region or business unit should not be able to access or communicate to specific contacts from another region or business unit.


How/Where do you set campaign specific permissions?

Campaign permissions can be set by

1. selecting "Permissions" from the Gear drop down within a campaign,
2. clicking the + button, selecting "Add User" or "Add Group",
3. searching for the desired user or group, and clicking "Add"


Where/ how do you set permissions for users (that impact what elements they have access to on their dashboard)?

The elements a user has access to depends on which security group to which they belong.

Adding a User to a Security Group:

1. Navigate to Setup » Users » Users tab
2. Select Desired User
3. update the "Selected security groups" under the "Security Groups" section on the "Edit User" screen.

Modifying a security groups access:

1. Navigate to Setup » Users » Groups tab
2. Select Desired Group
3. "Select Interface Access" from "Security Group Overview" screen


What are the 5 permission settings that can be toggled on or off from within the campaign permissions window?

View - User/Group can view the campaign.
Edit - User/Group can edit campaign.
Delete - User/Group can delete campaign.
Edit Security - User/Group can manage campaign security settings.
Activate - User/Group can activate the campaign.


You belong to two security groups, one allows you to delete contacts another does not, what happens?

The contact can be deleted.


What is the recommended method of creating custom security groups?

duplicate an existing security group and modify the copy.


You configure and test Contact Level Security using a small group of test records. Where do you validate the results and which report do you run?

Setup > Users: “Contacts by Label”