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From where is drilling disabled?



In which modes/ windows is drilling down on a report element disabled?


Email Batch Overview Report or when drilling has been disabled.



When viewing a report, data loads one page/one box at a time, why is this? What this called?

Incremental Fetch

Source: file:///Users/maxl/Desktop/Eloqua%20Insight%20-%20Advanced%20Analyzer%20User%20Guide.pdf


When you make a change to a standard report and want to save it, what should you do as a best practice? Save over the standard report? Save it in “My Reports”? Save it in “Custom Reports”?

Custom Reports if you want to share with all users on your Eloqua Install.


What are two ways that you can manipulate a graph within insights?

Right click on the chart or use the toolbar at the top of the screen


Where do you save reports that you want others to see?

Custom reports folder


What report do you use to view field values within custom data objects?

custom object data report


Where would you change the frequency of a Scheduled report?

My Subscriptions “My subscriptions” is where you can view and edit reports and dashboards you have scheduled to run, including how frequently you are emailed the report.


The Benchmark Dashboard in Insight is updated daily with metrics from which source?

Eloqua customer databasesThe Benchmark Dashboard is populated by aggregated data from all Eloqua customer databases.


Click Through Rate is calculated as:

# contacts who clicked a tracked email link divided by # emails delivered.Click Through Rate calculates the percentage of contacts receiving the email (# emails delivered) that have clicked a link.


On the Database Health Dashboard, how are Unreachable contacts defined?

Hard Bouncebacks and Global UnsubscribesContacts that cannot be sent an email from Eloqua are considered unreachable, so contacts with an invalid email (resulting from a Hard Bounceback) and those who have globally unsubscribed.


The ‘Top Unknown Visitors’ report is a valuable prospecting tool. What does ‘Unknown Visitors’ refer to?

Visitors to an Eloqua tracked page that are not linked to an Eloqua contact.Website visitors that have not performed an action within Eloqua (such as submitting a form or clicking through on a tracked email) will not be associated to an Eloqua contact and as such are Unknown Visitors that have been to an Eloqua tracked page.


What is the geographic information in visitor reports is based on?

The visitor's IP address.Eloqua uses revers IP lookup when building the visitor profile to allow geographic and other information to be tracked and stored in the database.


What does Form Conversion Rate evaluate?

% who submitted a form in the same browser session as their email click-through.This measures the numbers of individuals that clicked on an email AND submitted a form during the same browser session.


What is 'drilling' on an Eloqua Insight Report?

Drilling on a report enables you to view data at different levels of detail than the ones originally displayed in the result set. It enables you to quickly and easily analyze various levels of detail in a report. Starting with viewing all website visitors in the last month, you can drill to the next level to view the visitors by state and city. This doesn't change or limit the data that is being viewed, but rather allows you to view the same data in more detail.


True or False: Top 50 landing pages visited in the last month is an example of 'drilling on an Eloqua Insight Report.



True or False: Website visitors by city and state in the last month is an example of 'drilling on an Eloqua Insight Report.



True or False: Top 10 campaigns by total form conversions in the last month is an example of 'drilling on an Eloqua Insight Report.



When viewing an Operational report from an asset (Email, Form, Campaign, Landing PAge), what is the maximum timeframe results can be viewed for?

Last 3 monthsOperational reports are designed for a snapshot of data for a particular asset or campaign so they are limited to the past 3 months of activity. Before the Summer '13 Release, operational reports were limited to the last day of activity.


True or False: The “Form Field Completeness” report includes externally hosted forms which repost to Eloqua.

True.The Form Field Completeness report includes all form submission data posted to Eloqua, regardless of whether that form is Eloqua hosted or externally hosted.


True or False: When a report is added to ‘Favorite Reports’, the list of Favorite Reports is updated only for the Eloqua user who added it.



True or False: When changing the format of a report from grid to graph, you need to reprompt the report.



True or False: In order to receive an emailed report, the recipient must be an Eloqua User.



True or False: In the Contact Field Completeness report on the Database Health Dashboard, you can change the contact view in order to see the completeness of a specific set of contact fields.



what is the approximate number of standard Eloqua Insights reports?



What does an Insight Analyzer have the ability to create?

Reports, Prompts, Custom Groups, Documents and Filters


drill down reports cannot be done in which: Report Object, Reporting Options, Graph Tab,



when running high volumes of data, why is it better to run in design mode?

1. easier to apply filters,
2. changes to report re-run after every change,
3. changes to design re-run evern change,
4. moving columns only possible in design mode