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When setting up SFTP, something goes wrong. What should you do first? Check the file name? Check the credentials? Make sure that Eloqua’s IP address’s are whitelisted?

***NEED TO VERIFY (personally, I would verify the credentials first)***

Make sure Eloqua's IP addresses are whitelisted.


When doing a list upload, what are the data priorities?

The data priority system will not allow data of a lower level to overwrite data from a higher level on a per-field basis.

From highest to lowest priority:

Bulk API
CRM Data
Third Party Data
Eloqua Report
Remote File over SFTP
Manual Upload

A field will be updated if it is blank as no priority exists.


What is the SFTP export time interval limit?

30 min


What settings can be changed for an existing Eloqua hosted URL export? delimitors, file name, port, file size?

Export Name, File Name, Compress File toggle, Append Date Stamp toggle, Schedule, Notifications, Data Set, Data type, file extension, delimeter, text qualifier, row delimiter, character encoding


When exporting a list in data export, where do you define "on demand" as when the file is exported?

Select the "on Demand" radio button under the "Schedule" section from Setup » Import/Export » Export Settings


SFTP connection works, but no field exporting. What do you do? Whitelist? check file path?

**** Need to verify****
check file path


If you experience trouble while trying to do a string manipulation via API and the fields are not mapping, what do you do? The fields do not show up and instead you get an credential error.

This is likely because your cloud connector credentials have expired. You must update your cloud connector credentials within the credentials management area at

Or, if contact level security is enable, make sure that whatever account you are using to run the app has the proper access.



You run into trouble using the string manipulation cloud connector. After checking that your credentials are correct and making sure API access is enabled for the database, what should you do?

Make sure the user whose Eloqua credentials you provide is added to the “API Users” security group to ensure it has API access


What happens in this scenario: you are doing a list upload and one of the fields has a pick list. For one of the records, the values in the upload do NOT match the values in the list. What happens when uploading? Does the record not get created? Does the record get created and the pick list field remain blank? Does the field get overwritten with the values within the list?

The record gets created and the picklist value assinged to the record is added to the destination picklist


Once a Data Import has been created and saved, what two Import Settings can be modified?

Schedule and Import NameThe Import Name and the Schedule can be modified on existing Data Imports.


True or False: The 'Priority Source' Import setting can be modified on existing Data Imports

False.Priority Source cannot be changed after the Data Import has been created and saved.


True or False: The 'Schedule' Import setting can be modified on existing Data Imports

True.Schedule can be changed after the Data Import has been created and saved.


True or False: The 'Import Purpose' Import setting cannot be modified on existing Data Imports

True.Import Purpose cannot be changed after the Data Import has been created and saved.


True or False: The 'Import Name' Import setting cannot be modified on existing Data Imports

False.Import Name can be changed after the Data Import has been created and saved.


When exporting to an Eloqua Hosted URL, what type of URL is generated?

httpsScheduled data exports to an Eloqua Hosted URL generate the URL type 'https'


When creating an SFTP Source for Data Import in Eloqua, what three pieces of information are required?

Username, Password, and Server URLTo create an new SFTP Source for a Data Import, the Server URL, User Name, and Password are required.


True or False: Custom text qualifiers can be configured for data exports

True.It is possible to determine which character is used by Eloqua as the qualifier in the exported data.


True or False: Data Exports can be scheduled to execute as frequently as every 30 minutes

False.The most frequently a data export can be scheduled to run is once a day.


True or False: The integration area does not need to be enabled before creating a scheduled data export.



True or False: Only records that have been modified since the last successful export can be included in a scheduled Data Export

False.When configuring a data export, all records or just those modified since the last successful export can be included.


In an automated Data Export, what format is the data exported in?

.cvsData is exported as a delimited file (.csv).


How frequently can a Data Import be scheduled to execute?

Every 30 minutes.


True or False: Account, Contact, and Activity data can all be scheduled for recurring data exports



What's the shortest interval to schedule an automated data export?

Every 24 hours.


What type of data can be exported but not imported?

Activity data cannot be imported.


True or False: Deleting an SFTP server requires first deleting the associated import or export



For which Data Export can you specify which fields to include in the exported file?

Contact Data


When installing a Cloud Connector in Eloqua, what two pieces of information are needed?

Service URL & Unique IDEloqua requires both the unique ID and the Service URL to install the Cloud Connector into the application. Once installed, a Cloud Connector can be used in a campaign or program.


When configuring a webinar-related Cloud Connector, where is the meeting attendance data stored?

In a contact record or custom data objectThe meeting attendance is stored on either the contact record or a custom data object. Both of these allow for segmentation and personalization.


When can a Dry Run be executed for a Cloud Connector?

When contacts are in the program/campaign step, the program/campaign is enabled/activated, and the program/campaign has been evaluated