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What are the rules for "Get deleted leads”?

The Lead ID will be cleared from the contact record's CRM Lead ID field in Eloqua, but the contact record itself will not be deleted.

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What do you do if you have set up an integration between Eloqua and a customer's CRM and the customer says that they don’t see data in the CRM? Tell them to wait 24 hours- it takes that long to propagate? Make sure their their username/ID is setup properly? Tell them to setup/activate profiler in CRM?

Tell them to wait 24 hours.


Which of the following can be sent from CRM to Eloqua? How are the records matched? Campaigns, accounts, contacts

Accounts & contacts


Which of the following data entities can be sent from Eloqua to the CRM? How are the are the records matched? Campaigns, accounts, contacts

Campaigns & contacts


If a customer wants all leads from Eloqua form submissions to have web activities flagged in the CRM as "Not started” rather than “Completed”, how do you do this?

This is done by changing the "status" field to "Not Started" from within the field mappings of the "form submit" internal event. This is done from within outbound tab of setup » integration.


When sales rep clicks unsubscribes in the CRM, what happens in Eloqua? Step by step, what is the process/rules in program builder?

When the weblink “unsubscribe from Eloqua” is clicked, a web page is opened that runs a script that triggers an internal event in Eloqua.

The internal event, “Email Unsubscribe”, then creates the necessary External calls to send the tasks back to SFDC and also overwrites “Email Opt Out” with the value 1 in SFDC.


Eloqua to CRM what are the rules for updating leads in CRM vs. creating a new lead? Stated in a different way, how does the CRM know to update a lead versus create a new lead?

If the Lead ID is not sent or does not exist in CRM and new lead is created instead. If Lead ID does exist in eloqua, the lead will be update in CRM

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When a lead is changed to a contact in CRM, how is that updated in Eloqua?

The 'get converted leads' autosync would remove the CRM lead ID reference from the corresponding eloqua contact record.


What are integration rules?

Integration rules are used to run integration events that will send data to your CRM system.


CRM Fields are not showing up. What do you do?

Refresh field mappings


How often can a sync from Eloqua to CRM be completed?

in batches of 200 calls or every 5 min (whichever happens first).


How often can a sync from CRM to Eloqua be completed?

Every 30 min


If a CRM title field has 200 characters, what happens when it is updated in Eloqua?

Since Eloqua only allows a 100 character text field, the additional 100 characters are truncated


If a CRM field has a string value but Eloqua requires a number, what happens? Record not updated, record updated but no field, auto synch fails altogether?

Record is updated but without field.

I'm only guessing because I do not see any errors for this unless it's the ID.



Can Campaign Member Status values be changed?

Yes. when they create their campaign in SFDC, they can then create the list of SFDC Campaign Member Status values for that campaign. The values populated in Eloqua, either via a form submission or list upload, must exactly match the values on the campaign, otherwise the default value is populated.


To populate the Campaign Member Status value in CRM, what needs to be done in Eloqua?

The Eloqua fields 'Last SFDC Campaign Status' and 'Last SFDC Campaign ID' should be populated for each Eloqua contact record that is to have a campaign association done in the SFDC Update program.


What field is used to associate contacts and accounts?

Eloqua is contact centric and all the contacts have a SFDC Contact ID linked to the SFDC Account ID.



What are custom events?

Custom events are items that you create so that Eloqua can integrate with your CRM system according to your business needs. Custom events can be triggered by adding them as steps in program builder or to integration rules


What can trigger an internal event?



What are internal events?

an action that can be executed through a program builder action when a marketing activity (i.e. email click-through, email bounceback, etc) or through integration rules.


Which External Call requires a field to be mapped in the External Call Return Value?

Create Lead


when conducting a create data source with external calls, why would an autosynch fail to be created?



When you are setting up integration with CRM, one of the fields does not populate in field mapping. After confirming with the client that they added it with the right creds, what do you do?

Refresh the field mappings


What company record is the Account Linkage set to for a contact?

CRM Account ID

Found on INTERNAL-Eloqua SFDC Integration Guide 2012 page 23.