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If you want to add PURLs to a direct mail piece and you are doing an export, how is this done? Do you upload PURLS and then export file? Use signature rule?

PURLs are automatically generated and are stored as a contact field called PURL name, so PURLs can be included in a contact view and exported to excel or csv.



True or False: Field merges can be done on Email Headers and Subject Lines.

True. Email Headers and Subject Lines can both contain field merges.


After system check for sending emails, it is determined that text version is not available. You want to send it anyway. What happens? Will the system allow the email to send? Does the campaign change from “activated” to “draft”?

The system will allow the email to be sent even if the text version is not available.


What is the first thing that happens when a new email is first saved?

the header and footer sections are added once the email group has been set and the email saved


How do you change the order of multiple form processing steps?

There is no way to change the order of form processing steps. They are executed in the order they were created.


From where can you add a cloud connector that allows you to set up a single sign on for LinkedIn?

Assets » Landing Pages » New or open Landing page » Cloud Content » search for LinkedIn Signon


A field merge can be used to personalize _____________

Emails, landing pages and forms


When selecting ‘View Submission Data…’ for a form, what two pieces of information are displayed?

Values submitted for visible fields on the formValues captured as hidden fields on the formAll values that have been sent inbound with the form submission will be shown here. This includes visible fields on the form that are completed by the visitor as well as any hidden field values.


What three questions are evaluated when running the Email Checker on an email?

Does the email contain a link to a Web Version?Does the email contain a form?Does the email contain an unsubscribe link?


What is the Email Checker used for?

to identify whether the email contains elements that will negatively impact deliverability.Containing a link to a web version and containing an unsubscribe (or subscription management) link can help deliverability, but form code in an email can hurt deliverability. Overlapping sections impacts how an email looks, but not deliverability.


True or False: You must add javascript to the externally hosted form page that captures the visitor’s cookie GUID and re-posts to Eloqua in a hidden field

True.You must add javascript to the externally hosted form page so that Eloqua can identify the visitor by their cookie GUID and link the visitor to their Eloqua Contact record.


True or False: Eloqua can only accept form data from server-side form processors that are added to the ‘approved sender’ list



You no longer want to receive email notifications when a form is submitted and want them sent to your colleague. How do you achieve this?

Edit the "Send Notification Email " step and change the configured email address.


You are testing an externally hosted form that is directly posting to Eloqua. After submitting the form, you check the form data in Eloqua and see a value captured for your test email address, but no values for first name and last name. What is the problem?

The HTML form field names on the Eloqua form do not exactly match those on the external form to correctly map form data to the correct fields


Which two hidden fields must be added to an externally hosted form to complete the integration using the Form Integration Wizard?

Site id of the customer’s install: “elqSiteID" ANDEloqua HTML form name: “elqFormName”


What does the 'elqSiteID' hidden field refer to?

identifies which Eloqua database to post the data to


What does the 'elqFormName' hidden field refer to?

identifies which form in the database to post the data to


True or false: elqCustomerGUID is only required on externally hosted forms for form reposts or if there are no Eloqua tracking scripts on the form landing page



On the form processing step ‘Update Contacts – With Form Data’, where is the “Default” Update Type defined?

In the Default Update Logic on a specific contact field (Setup » Fields & Views)


Where are email signatures created?

Email signatures are created in the component library


True or False: Prepopulated fields are only available on an Eloqua-hosted form


Prepopulated fields can be added to remote sites using data lookups and javascript


How many monthly emails can be sent with the standard plan?

10,000,000 monthly email sends can be sent with standard plan. Enterprise is unlimited


You create a campaign where the checkbox "allow contacts to enter the campaign more than once" is checked. Contacts are added to this campaign when they submit a specific form. What happens when a contact, already in the campaign, submits this specific form?

Nothing. Contact remains in the step they are already in.A contact can only exist once in a Campaign, so cannot be added into the campaign again when they submit the form. The contact remains in the step they are already in.


In lead scoring, when more than one criteria is met, how is the available score allocated?

When more than one criteria is met, the higher percentage of available score is allocated. For example in the following graphic, someone with the job title 'Vice President, Procurement' is given 40% of the available score.  


Which is more likely to change (increase or decrease) over time: Engagement Rating or Profile Rating?

Engagement RatingA contact’s Engagement Rating can increase or decrease over time, but a contact’s Profile Rating is not likely to decrease over time.For example, out of the following options, 'C3 to B2' is the only option where the Profile Rating has increased (not decreased), which is usually due to gathering more information about the contact.C3 to B2A4 to D4B1 to C3A2 to C1


When creating an email from an existing template, what three settings from the template are applied to the new email?

The Subject Line, From Name, and Reply-To Email Address from the email template are applied to the newly created email.


When testing a Lead Scoring Model by submitting a form, the test record should receive a Profile Rating of B based on the Industry value, but is scored as D (and the expected value is in the contact’s Industry field) – what do you do?

Compare the Industry values in the Scoring Model Profile Criteria rule to those captured on the formThe values captured from the form submission must match the values in the Scoring Model Profile Criteria rule, otherwise no score will be given for that field. The first step is to check that the values in the form submission exactly match the Scoring Model Profile Criteria.


A Lead Nurturing Campaign is configured with the segment to add members hourly. On the Settings screen, ‘Allow contacts to enter the campaign more than once’ is NOT selected. When will contacts meeting the segment criteria be added to this campaign?

During the hourly segment evaluation and they have not been in the campaign beforeAs the ‘Settings’ are configured to not allow contacts to enter the campaign more than once, contacts will be added during the hourly segment evaluation if they have not been through the campaign already.


You are configuring a nurture campaign to re-engage stalled leads where emails are sent based on industry to ‘awaken’ cold leads. Sales asked that emails not be sent to leads that have active sales opportunities, which sales will identify by changing their CRM Lead Rating to ‘Re-engaged’. What needs to be configured in the campaign to meet this requirement?

Decision rule to evaluate ‘CRM Lead Rating not equal to Re-Engaged’ before each ‘Send Email’ stepUsing a decision rule before each email step will ensure that emails are not sent to leads with active sales opportunities Leads may start through the nurture campaign and receive one or more emails then become ‘Re-engaged’ so it’s important to evaluate this field prior to each ‘send email’ step.


What needs to be configured outside the Lead Scoring Model to evaluate high value web page visits?

Page tags