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When setting up a multi session using the event module, how are submissions mapped to the appropriate session?

Each city would have an individual landing page containing a form with a hidden field for "city". The hidden city value embedded in the landing page is passed dynamically to the city field on the registration form. The form would then update the event and creates the registrant in the selected city session.


When sending a registration form, where are emails for future sessions sent from? Campaign? Event module? Registration form?

While post-event follow-ups can be sent through the event module, Eloqua recommends sending invitations for future sessions via the campaign canvas


Where is the initial invitation email for an event (that triggers upon submission) sent from?

campaign canvas


From where are event confirmations and reminders sent?

Event Module


From where are "there's still time" and follow up emails sent?

Campaign canvas


Would you use a form processing step on an event registration form to map the registrant to the appropriate session?

No. Mapping registrants to the appropriate session would be done through the "Event Details" section on the Event screen.

From the "Event Details" screen select the "multiple sessions, organized by (city)" The create each session with the corresponding city value.


What field would you modify format for, so that a date is displayed properly in confirmation and reminder emails from event module?

The format for the Event: Date email field can be modified by turning on "Override Display Format" on the Edit Email Field screen from within the Event Module.


In which section of the Event Module do you configure the Special Fields, ‘Email Address’ and ‘Unique Code’?

Registration Info