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What does "Lead Creation" refer to for revenue attribution?

A response a contact has made against a campaign.


For closed loop reporting, you set up 'get contacts', 'get opportunities', and 'get opportunities and link to contacts'. In what order should they be run?

1. Get contacts
2. Get opportunities
3. Get opportunities and link to contacts


What are the options for revenue Attribution models inside of Eloqua?

First Touch, Last Touch, Even, Custom


What is the difference between "influenced" vs "attributed" as it relates to closed-loop reporting and ROI?

Influenced refers to all campaigns to which a contact responded. Attributed refers to the specific attribution method configured for your database.


What is the formula for the ROI attribution? Does it include: budgeted cost, actual cost, expected revenue?

Total "Closed" Revenue (per attribution model) / Total "Actual" Costs of campaign


Which metric provides a realistic forecast of revenue that will become Closed-Won?

Attributed Revenue


In CLR, one-way reporting from Elq to CRM is: contact, campaign, response, or opportunity