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What three brainstorming methods can you follow if you are having trouble choosing a topic for your speech?

Personal inventory
Internet search


What are the two general purposes of most classroom speeches? How do they differ?

General purpose
Specific purpose

General purpose is the board goal of the speech while the specific purpose is the what the speaker hopes to accomplish in his or her speech.


Why is determining the specific purpose such as an important early step in speech preparation? Why is if important to include the audience in the specific purpose statement?

Because it helps identify what you will be discussing and trying to achieve with your speech. To be sure if the purpose is relevant to the audience, the subject is not to trivial, or if it's to technical


What are five tips for formulating your specific purpose?

Write the purpose statement as a full infinitive phrase, not a fragment; express your purpose as a statement, not a question; avoid figurative language; limit it to one distinct idea; make sure it's not to vague


What are five questions to ask your specific purpose?

Does it meet your audience; can you accomplish your purpose with the time given; is the purpose relevant to the audience; is the purpose to trivial; is it to technical.


What is the difference between the specific purpose and the central idea if a speech what are four guidelines for an effective central idea?

The specific purpose is what you hope to achieve the central idea is what you expect to say I.e a thesis statement.
Guidelines: 1.) central idea should be expressed in a full sentence. 2.) should not be in the form of a question. 3.) should avoid figurative language. 4) should not be vague or overly general.