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Why must a public speaker be audience centered?

Because people are egocentric, so as the speaker you must be able to have the listener choose to pay attention and you do this by having you're speech audience oriented.


What does it mean to say people are egocentric? What implications does the egocentrism of audiences hold for you as a public speaker?

It means people are concerned with their own beliefs, and well-being, and for the speaker that means
1.) listeners will hear and judge what you say on the basis of what they already know and believe
2.) you must relate your messages to your listeners-show how it pertains to them.


What are six demographic traits of audiences discussed in and are each important to audience analysis?

Age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, racial-ethnic-cultural background, group membership.
Yes, because it is these traits that will help give you clues about how your listeners will respond.


What is situational audience analysis? What factors do you need to consider in situational audience analysis?

Is audience analysis that focuses on situational factors such as:
Size, physical setting, disposition toward the topic(interest and knowledge and attitude) disposition toward the speaker and disposition toward the occasion.


How can you get information about an audience?

1.) the info. Is provided
2.)speak to someone who's given a similar speech
3.)audience-analysis questionnaire.


What are three kinds of questions used in questionnaires? Why is it a good idea to use all three in audience analysis?

Because all three have their advantages and disadvantages, so by using all three you can get not only specific information about your audience but probe deeply into their attitudes toward a topic.


What methods can you use to adapt your speech to your audience before the speech? During the speech?

Before a speech 1.) Asses how they will respond to what you say 2.) adjust to what you say to make it clear and convincing.

After a speech. Don't panic look at listener feedback and respond appropriately.