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the role diversity reading plays in children when they develop and understanding of the world they live in inclusive when collecting books for the classroom or library. making multicultural books accessible multicultural books aloud to the class and have them share their ideas about diversity and learn to engage in talk with each other
3.connect various multicultural books with each other in order to deepen the dimensionality
4.make an action plan for putting into practice a commitment to making a difference in the world by becoming advocates and activists


Criteria Regarding Gender issues

-Occupations should be gender free.
-Achievements should be judged without gender bias.
-Both Parents should share family responsibilities
-Gender stereotyping based on physical description and behaviors should be avoided.


Major Authors and illustrators of multicultural literature

-Alma Flor Ada; Cuban
-Joseph Burchac; Native American
-Virgina Hamilton; African American (brother rush)
-Walter Dean Myers;African American (rap)
-Ashley Bryan; Africa American
-Allen Say;japan
-Gary Soto; Mexican American
-Laurence Yep; Chinese


Why is their racism and best defense against this?

Because the earliest experience we have in life are among people our own race and our second hand experiences are from moves, books, and TV, which if portrayed cartoony and unimportant could stay with a child

To combat this one needs to surround them with realistic information about other cultures and races so their preconceptions will be more genuine.



Diversity in ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious, economic, and gender, among others


The purpose of multicultural education

Is freedom, to help students develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will allow them to participate in democratic and free society. (Children need to know their culture before they can successfully participate in other cultures.