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What are picture books?

Are a type of format not genre

5 types of picture books

Early childhood books
Wordless books
Picture books with minimal text
Beginning readers
Picture storybooks

All 5 use language differently.


Wordless books

Have a lack of language, but is implied through images, just not through visible text


Concept Books

Have language that is unique in its ability to convey the meaning of concepts such as alphabet, numbers, shapes, or colors.

Books the convey knowledge-they answer the "what's that?" Question.


Beginning readers books

Books that use controlled language to enable children to practice reading independently

Books that children can independently as they practice their abilities


Picture storybooks

They use language and images as two halves which together make a story whole. May use language beyond the child's reading level, but is valuable in helping nurture a depth of understanding


When was the first picture book published?

Was Orbis Sensualium Pictus (the visible world of pictures) in 1658 by Johannes Amos Comenius


John Newbery

In 1774 established a company in London dedicate to publishing exclusively children's books

First to feature illustrations by accomplished artist, and permanent binding. Did accordion style books too.


Edmund Evans

(Books flourished in 19th century or 18 hundreds a) Was an artist, publisher, and printer. Saw the relationship between illustration and book design. And persuaded many talented artist to create children's books.


Walter crane

Is known for synchronizing text and illustration. Was among the first to make use of the double page spread and use of color and beautifully designed pages


Kate Greenway

Best known for portrayal of an idealized childhood in her book, A-Apple pie. Books filled with flowers, gardens and happy children


Randolph Caldecott

He perfected the unification of text and illustration. Allowed images to extend beyond text


Beatrix Potter

Had her books be the appropriate size for little hands


What is wood block printing and metal plates and engravings?

Is the early method used for printing illustrations. The illustrations where carved on wood blocks and were pressed in ink by printing machines.

Then by the late nineteenth century metal plates and engravings were used.



Process used in late 18th century. In which, the artist worked on hard very smooth polished stones. They used wax to draw images and the ink would stick to the wax and then with large amounts of pressure they printed the images on damp paper.


Twentieth century advances

Letter press
Laser scanner
And computer technology I.e photoshop
Some artist just use computer technology for art others only hand are other both.


Five groups of picture books

Early childhood book
-Mother goose books
-nursery rhymes
-toy books
-concept books
-alphabet books
-counting books
Wordless books
Picture books with minimal text beginning readers' books
-predictable books
-easy readers
Picture storybooks


Alphabet Books

Is a type of concept book that helps children learn the alphabet or help advance their knowledge of it. All have a variety of context animals, food, objects etc.


Counting books

A concept book that introduces the mathematical concept to children.


Wordless books

Books that use pictures to tell the story. The child must come up with the dialogue in their mind. It evokes thought, understanding and intrigues them.


Picture books with minimal Text

are like wordless books, but have few words that are carefully placed. Sometimes the words amplifies the the story, or is critical to the story, and some aren't needed but add to the text.


Predictable books

Are books that are highly structured & repetitive so that beginning readers can read on their own.


Easy readers

First books children read independently. Have controlled vocabulary, specific number of words, type of words and sentence structure and length of sentence.


Picture storybooks

Is the largest type of picture books
It's when text and illustration work together to amplify the text. A combine effort.


Toy books

A type of early childhood books
Books that have pop ups

Has devices such as pop ups, flips, levels other interaction mechanics in the text

While for the younger readers it's constructed on sturdy or washable material. Focus on one object per page.


Elements of design
Together what are they called?


Together they form composition



Can be thin and light or heavy and bold; can be straight, jagged, or curved. Can be used to show distances, movement, and to contrast.



Is the result when lines are combined.
Can be used to show meaning. (I.e. A house made of shapes (triangle roof, square body) shows structure and stability)



The whole spectrum or just a defined range used in a story. Example only using black and white and shades of gray to show "value" (ie one bright yellow pole to contrast colors of a city at night)



Can be used to show change of time. And change of setting.



is the illusion of a tactile surface created in an illustration.