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What is the difference between hearing and listening?

Hearing is a physiological process that happens passively do not need to take action while listing is attentive one needs to be engaged it's an active process



The vibration of sound waves on the eardrums and the firing of electrochemical impulses in the brain.



Paying close attention to, and making sense of what we hear


How is listening connected with critical thinking?

Because in order for you to think critically and evaluate a message one needs to be listening which is being involved with the speaker.


Why is it important to develop strong listening skills?

Because it is a very helpful skill and is apart of your everyday life. another is for a career you maybe seeking


What are the four main causes of poor listening?

Not concentrating, listening to hard, jumping to conclusions, and focusing on delivery and personal appearance.


What are the seven ways to become a better listener?

Taking listening seriously, be an active listener, resist distractions, don't be diverted by appearance or delivery, suspend judgment, focus your listening, and develop note taking skills