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Picture Books

Two definitions:
1 in the purest sense, a book that relies solely on illustrations to convey its message
2 in a broader sense, a book in which illustrators combine with text to create a message


Multicultural literature

Works that reflect the multitude of cultural groups within the U.S.

Literature that reflects ethnic or regional groups whose cultures historically have been less represented than European cultures.


International literature

Books written originally published outside the U.S. Or Canada.

Or books written in another language, initially, and then translated to English for u.s. Audience.

Or books that are written by U.S. Or Canadian authors but set entirely in other countries



Is a precise form of language, with intense feeling, imagery, and qualities of sound.

Poetry is a memorable structure for language, is the pinnacle of language use, and is a celebration if awareness.


Traditional literature

The body of stories and poems that have come to us from teller to hearer and from hearer to teller and whose authors are unknown

Consist of folk tales which are simple stories with sparely drawn characters and strong plots

One type of folk tale is the fairy tale, which is a tale that something extraordinary occurs.


Modern fantasy

Two major classifications:
Low and high fantasy, though all fantasy writers draw from the here and now "primary world" or today's world. Using people's knowledge and experiences for "raw material"

Low fantasy: is set in the "primary world" but the magical elements of fantasy make the story impossible

High fantasy: take information and experiences from the "primary world" and project this information to create images and situations of a "secondary world."


Science fiction

The author, inspired by real developments in science, has conceived a version of reality of different from the one we inhabit.

Science fiction use scientific concepts that are extrapolations of current scientific understandings into stories make then plausible


Contemporary realistic fiction

Is a work derived from actually circumstances, with realistic settings and characters who face problems or opportunities that are within the range if what is possible in real life.


Historical fiction

A work of fiction set In a time prior to when it was written.

(But some contemporary fiction books have events that happened at the time it was written, but with the passing, the event gained historical significance. Thus becoming historical fiction.


Informational books

It is a work that inform it's readers on a particular subject, issue, or idea.

They help children understand the world in an exciting way giving them the chance to explore topics they are interested in.



Focuses on famous individuals from the past and offer insight into historical times-just like historical fiction. Yet, unlike historical fiction the biography is based on known facts about the individual and his or her time period. Nothing is invented or imaginary as they could be in historical fiction