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What is the 14th amendment?

Its the due process clause

First 10 bills apply to all of the states


What is the 1st amendment?

Freedom of speech (press)


What is the difference between civil liberties and civil rights?

Civil liberties protect us from the government, civil rights are protected by the government


Bill of rights

First 10 amendments to the constitution, state the natural rights of the US citizens


What is the Process of incorporation?

When the government merged most of the bill of rights guaranties into the Due Process Clause


What is the Due process clause?

It's part of the 14th amendment, and it guaranties that no state can deny the basic rights to its people's


What is the establishment clause?

It separates the church from state



What is a Parochial school?

A school that is a church related school


Why dues aid to a parochial school pose a constitutional problem?

It goes against the due processes clause? HELP


🌟What is the Lemon test?

The three pronged standardized test made to ensure that funding to a parochial school is not going against the due process clause.
1. Aid is secular not religious, 2. It's effects must not enhance or inhibit religion, 3. It must avoid an excessive entanglement with gov. and religion


What is the free exercise clause?

Free exercise of religion


What is the difference between Libel and Slander?

Libel: False use of printed words

Slander: False use of spoken words


What is Sedition?

The crime of attempting to overthrow the government by force or to disrupt it's lawful activities by violent acts


What is Seditious speech?

The urging through speech to do sedition (go against gov.)


🌟What is prior restraint?

Whats an example of it being an okay action?

To arrest or take action on words before anything has been done

If someone says they have a bomb at the airport


What is picketing?

How is it a form of symbolic speech?

Patrolling of a business site by those who are on strike.

Just by simply being there they're symbolizing how unfair work there is



To spy on the government


What does the right to assemble peacefully mean?

To gather and discus public matters


How has the supreme court limited the time, place, and manor of an assembly?

It can't be by a school where it would disrupt daily activities, and there can be no marching by a courthouse. You also can't make noise.


What is the right of association?

The right to be associated with people to discuss ways to improve economic, political, and other social cause


What is Tax exemption, do holy places get them?

It means you get to pay less, and yes places of worship have it


When it comes to movies, what can the 1st amendment do?

It allows them to be non-educational


What created the right to assemble on private property?

Dick Gregory vs. Chicago


What is freedom of association?

You have the right to join clubs, organizations, etc... that exclude some people