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Who shall the officer on duty notify for injuries sustained in quarters?

Battalion Chief


Fire Officers should report to work how many minutes prior to the start of their tour? If a run is received during this period of time who responds? What are the two exceptions? What action must you take when this happens?

15 minutes for exchange of information.
The relieving officer.
On duty officer will respond if awaiting relief for officer on overtime or for an alarm received while returning to quarters.
Officer who responds to alarm must record reason for response in the company journal.


What shall an officer do when reporting for duty and finding the company out of quarters?

Call the roll, contact the dispatcher to determine location of the unit and if relief is required


When are the only 3 occasions an officer can converse with the chauffeur?

Regulate speed of apparatus, determine route to be taken, relay information received by radio


What should the speed of the apparatus be when turning corners?

15 mph


When responding to alarms, use one-way streets against traffic for more than one block only ____ ____ ____. A full stop shall be made before entering an intersection and apparatus shall proceed only when safe response is assured

When absolutely necessary


When members find articles of value, such articles shall be turned over to ___ who in turn shall deliver them to the ___ ___ ___. Who are the only three people these items can be turned over to?

Their Officer
Officer in Command
1. Owner with proper ID
2. PD
3. Representative of owner with proper ID


If a fire occurs in a vehicle, other than an ADV or one for which a 10-41 code 3 has been transmitted, the IC shall attempt to contact the ___. If this is not possible, the dispatcher shall be requested to inform the Police Dispatcher of the make, model, plate number and location of vehicle



When allegations of lost, missing, or possibly stolen private property are received the IC should?

direct a thorough search of the premises from which the property is missing


After conducting a search and the property is not found and the complainant alleges that the property was at the scene prior to the arrival of FD, the IC must obtain from the complainant, information required by Form ___. If the IC is not a Chief, the dispatcher must be notified to have a ___ ___ respond. Neither officer should make any further independent investigation beyond the information required to complete form ___.

Battalion Chief


Property Alleged to be taken by FD employee, who does the IC notify?

IG's Office


Property missing and fire has been designated as a 10-41 (all codes), who does the IC notify?

Fire Marshall and IG's office


Property missing and complainant does not accuse FD personnel of taking it and fire is not a 10-41 (all codes), what do you advise complainant to do?

Notify PD


Theft from quarters, illegal entry. Who do you notify, what do you send? If a false alarm is involved who do you notify?

Notify PD
Illegal entry of quarters report forwarded to Chief of Ops
If false alarm involved notify Fire Marshals


No illegal entry of quarters, Dept employee suspected of theft, who do you notify and who do you forward report to?

Notify IG and send particulars to Chief of Ops


Property missing, lost, stolen at scene....who do you notify if suspect is a civilian, if suspect is a Department Member?

Civilian notify PD
Member notify IG


Officers on duty with Ladder Companies responding to 2nd or greater alarms shall, when ordered to roof of fire building or to adjoining or adjacent roof be sure to have members bring what tools?

LSR, Utility rope, hose roller, and life belt


Officers of units reporting to the Command Post shall report in ___, after instructing their members to stand by atleast ___ feet from the command post



On transmission of a higher alarm which is part of signal 10-66, all units shall report to the staging area except what units

Rescue, Squad, SOC Support Ladder, Fast Unit, and CFR Engine


With water flowing from ladder pipe and member climbing ladder to correct issue the correct angle of the ladder will be that when the horizontal distance between tip of ladder and turntable is between ___ feet to ___ (70 to 80 degree angle.

15ft to 25ft


Member involved in an incident or unusual occurrence with a member of another city agency, what report must be completed?

Unusual Occurrence Report


At ___ or greater alarms or when deemed necessary in addition to the Command Post, the IC, shall also establish a staging area and designate a chief officer as the Staging area manager



When a member sustains respiratory injuries while operating with an SCBA what must be forwarded to the Division of Safety for analysis by MSU?

Mask, Cylinder, Related mask record cards


When it is necessary to remove a refrigerator from a premises what is required to be done in ALL cases?

Remove the refrigerator doors


When supplying an ammonia refrigeration system the volume of water to be supplied depends upon the capacity of the system and is indicated by the size of the pipe from the siamese or inlet to the mixer. A pipe of 1 1/4 inch to 2 1/2 inch requires a volume of ___ to ___ gallons of water per minute. Who determines the necessary pressure to provide?

100 to 700
The Officer of the unit supplying the system


Control valve boxes on ammonia refrigeration systems are opened with what?

Fire Department Alarm box key


When supply an ammonia refrigeration system when do you start water/open the ammonia valve?

Start water, open ammonia valve FULLY...water shall not be shut down until the ammonia valve is closed


Initial fire lines shall be established by the officer in command beyond the furthest?

Apparatus......whether operating or parked


Firefighters 6th grade with less than ___ days service may perform housewatch only between the hours of 0900-2400 provided they are monitored by the officer on duty or by an experienced member



Commanding Officers shall require that each assigned firefighter display an identification nameplate during houewatch duty. The legend on the nameplate shall consist of what 3 things?

Members first initial
Members last name
Members badge number