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Notification shall be made to the department when a standpipe system is or will be out of service for how long?

Any period of time


Notification to the dept that a sprinkler or fire alarm system will be out of service shall be made to the dept in the following 4 situations

1. The sprinkler or fire alarm system is or will be oos on more than 1 floor of a bldg
2. Sprinkler system work or repairs cannot be completed and sprinkler system restored to service within 8 hrs of the time the system was placed or went oos
3. Work or repairs will require fire alarm to be oos for more than 8hrs in any 24hr period
4. One or more other fire protection systems in the area in which a sprinkler or fire alarm system is out of service are or will be oos at the same time


Upon notification of an oos fire protection system the officer shall immediately do what? What is the one exception?

-Investigate with members and rig
-If system is shut down for scheduled testing, maintenance, or inspection and the system will be placed back in service prior to the end of the business day an investigation is not necessary unless the officer feels an inspection is required


What shall an officer do if a system is found to be oos during a routine response or inspection?

Request the response of the administrative battalion chief IF the officer feels it's appropriate. If the officer does not request the battalion to respond he shall notify him by telephone upon return to quarters


In occupancies where an oos system is found that have a large life hazard, high property value, or if sprinkler head replacement is considered what shall the officer do?

Request a Battalion Chief to respond to scene


When an oos system is discovered TAGS shall be placed at each FDC, standpipe and sprinkler system control valve and fire command center indication which fire protection system, or part thereof is oos. Who places these tags?

Tag or tags are placed by the impairment coordinator or owner if an impairment coordinator is not designated by the owner. The FDNY DOES NOT provide or place these tags


For the restoration of a system what type of order shall you issue?

Violation Order Comply forthwith


An officer shall ___ issuing a ___ ___ to provide a fire watch by a fireguard until the system is returned to service, unless a vacate order would be more appropriate

Consider, Violation Order


An exception to providing a fireguard is when the impairment coordinator or other building staff trained and knowledgable in conduction a fire-watch may conduct a fire-watch in lieu of a fire-guard during the initial ___ hours of a planned removal from service, or after discovery of an unplanned oos condition provided that the floor or area in which the fire protection system is oos does not exceed ___ square feet



If an OOS fire protection system is discovered as the result of a routine inspection, complaint, or fd operation and it has not been previously reported the officer shall do what?

Serve an immediate summons for FAILURE TO NOTIFY


What should an officer do if an alarm system has activated, however no access is available?

Conduct an EXTERIOR inspection, if there are no apparent fire conditions found you shall notify the dispatcher to notify the alarm company who will in turn notify a responsible party


If a water flow alarm has activated for a sprinkler system, however no access is available, conduct an ___ inspection. Determine if forcible is required. If dispatcher states the alarm reset no further action is required. If dispatcher states it has not reset consider forcible entry. Notify dispatcher to notify alarm company. If the system is NOT monitored by an alarm notify ___ ___ for potential notification to responsible party. If system is monitored but an alarm notify dispatcher to notify ___ ___

Fire Marshals
Responsible Party


If a standpipe system is discovered to be oos during an operation and no responsible party is present who should you notify for potential notification to the responsible party?

Fire Marshals


When receiving WRITTEN notification of a missing/defective smoke detector what should you do?

FORWARD to the Bureau of Fire Preventions Field Public Operations Support Unit


When receiving VERBAL notification of a missing/defecting smoke detector what should you do?

REFER complainant to Dept of Housing Preservation and Development by dialing 311


How shall complaints regarding CO alarms in residential premises be handled by members?

Refer to 311 for follow-up by HPD or DOB


In regards to street festivals and outdoor gatherings a fire apparatus access lane shall be provided by maintaining an unobstructed fire lane of not less than what?

15 ft in width


In regards to street festivals and outdoor activities, fire hydrants and fire alarms boxes shall be maintained free of ___. The sponsor of the event shall mark a solid ___ ___, ___ inches in diameter, in the ___ of the emergency access lane to denote the location of hydrant

Yellow circle
12 Inches


In regards to over-crowded conditions at a premises who shall you request the response of? What shall be served for violation of the law? What shall be issued to reduce the number of occupants? What should be considered if conditions are deemed hazardous or the occupancy load cannot readily be reduced to the legal limit?

-Battalion Chief
-Forthwith Violation Order
-Vacate Order


The following violations require what? (Locked Exit, smoking on a construction site, illegal storage of LPG, Illegal use of kerosene space heaters)

Immediate criminal summons


When dealing with governmental agencies other than NYC mayoral agencies what type of report shall be completed?

A-8 Fire prevention referral report


Not more than ___ VC's can be cited on an FDNY summons?



If the violation is against the building name the ___ ___ as the respondent. If the building owner is a corporation, name the ___ as the respondent

building owner


Can you issue an FDNY summons to a tenant of a Multiple Dwelling?



When issuing a violation and you are unable to locate the owners name what shall you do as a last resort?

The respondent on the violation shall be identified as "Owner of followed by bldg address"


When you can't locate the owner or party to issue summons to you can affix what colored copies to where?

Affix the GREEN copy and GOLD copy to a conspicuous place preferably with the use of masking tape


In a commercial premises where is it recommended that you affix the copies to?

-the door to the office of the bldgs manager
-any wall in the bldgs main lobby, if one exists, preferably near the buildings security desk


In Multiple Dwellings what locations are recommended for taping the FDNY Summons?

-door to the supers residence or office
-the wall near the bldgs mailboxes or notice board
-Any walls in the bldgs main lobby preferably near the main entrance


When member is placing a 10-35 summons on a private dwelling and the owner is not home where shall copies of the summons be placed? Where shall they not be placed?

-may post the FDNY summons outside the home either between the main entrance door and storm door
-on the outside of the main door within the vicinity of the mailbox
-NEVER place the summons INSIDE the mailbox


Can an FDNY summons be affixed to a countertop or desktop?