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NYCT doors can be opened with a ___ key. Doors equipped with these locks can be identified by the ___ colored lockset and firefighters helmet symbol affixed to the door. If one of these doors are forced units are to forward a report to the Chief of Ops and notify PTSU via EMAIL with Box number, Station name and room number along with the particulars of the incident. The locks can be found on elevator and escalator machine room doors in the NYCT system



The MSA Altair digital gas meter will emit a vibrating pulse and flashing green LED light every ___ seconds to alert the user that the meter is operating.



For a fire in an OLT or NLT, special call an extra engine and truck for fire on ___ floors. If progress is not made on at least one floor in a short period of time transmit a 2nd alarm



Does the Medical officer have to be notified for a member exposed to a Non-Biological hazardous substance with or without symptoms?



The unit designation shall be marked within ___ inches of each butt. The numerical length of a ladder shall be marked on the side of the rails within ___ inches of the end of the ladder.



Can cards will be issued to ladder companies, rescue companies, and any other unit that uses gasoline for saws, tools, etc. When using the can card to purchase gas, enter what number for the odometer reading?



What is the flagging column entry for Heating Fuel?



Can the sensit combustible gas detector detect CO? How long does recharge take and what color will it illuminate when fully charged? A fully charged battery can supply how many hours of continuous use?

2-5 hours
Will illuminate green when fully charged
20 hours


DOT classifies chemicals into 9 numerical categories. What are they?
“Every Good Lieutenants Standard Operating Procedures Requires Coordinated Members:

1. Explosives
2. Compressed Gasses
3. Flammable Liquids
4. Flammable Solids
5. Oxidizers
6. Poisons
7. Radioactive material
8. Corrosives
9. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods


If a relocated unit does not receive a teleprinter response message, the lock combination can be obtained through the dispatcher. What is the correct method of obtaining the combination in order of preference?

1. Use a nearby ERS box
2. Use an outside public telephone


What is the minimum distance to adhere to from Lithium Ion containers/cabinets? What is the minimum distance from container/cabinet exhaust opening?

50ft radius
100ft radius from exhaust


Do NYCHA Elevator Machinery room keys have a serial number?



Do you have to evacuate tenants for CO readings between 9 and 100 ppm?

No, you recommend evacuation, greater than 100ppm you must begin evacuation.


The first responders bridge manual is comprised of two stand-alone manuals, a Field Guide and a Risk Management guide. What color is each?

Field Guide - Green
Risk Management Guide- Red


For fires in traditional PD’s built of ordinary wood frame construction, when there is no ceiling to provide protection, therefore exposing structural components, failure can occur within how many minutes?

20 minutes


For fires in traditional PD’s built of ordinary/wood frame construction, depending on the duration and intensity of fire, the size of the structural components, and the type of construction involved, the amount of time before collapse occurs is generally estimated to be?

An hour


In PD’s constructed with lightweight materials, when fire extends from the buildings contents to its structural components, collapse may occur within?

5-10 minutes


Upon arrival at an operation, the designated Systems Control Unit should report to who?

Logistics section chief, if not on scene report to IC


Size of cockloft in a Brownstone

2 to 3 feet


Procedure for starting a fire pump in a High-Rise building

CLOSE knife switch
CLOSE circuit breaker
PUSH starting button
MOVE selector lever


At a Rowframe fire where the building is fully involved and there is fire in the exposures, a “holding operation” will be implemented. In this situation, where is the first line stretched?

Into the fire building through the front door


Concerning a TL, a difference of over 5 1/2 feet from front to rear of the apparatus is approximately a ___ % slope



The blitzfire oscillating monitor is designed for a maximum inlet pressure of ___ psi



Who will mitigate the emergency inside a steam generating plant?

Plant personnel


When stored properly Universal Gold 1%-3% AR-AFFF will remain effective for how many years? Is it freeze/thaw stable? Can it be generated with salt water?

25 years


If an emergency develops which requires the immediate withdrawal of the nozzle team, the officer or other member aware of the situation should indicate the fact by using ___ strong slaps on the shoulder of the members and then pull them in the direction of retreat. How many slaps on the back to open/close nozzle. Can the officer pull on the arm or nozzle to direct the stream?

1 or 2


The subway emergency key that opens the standard emergency exit is in what shape?



In the company journal pages 500 running back to 498 are for? 497 back to 495 are for? 494 running backwards as necessary are for?

Chiefs visits
Company drills
Battalion MASK depot for MSU members and chief officers


Access to roof at a row-frame

1st aerial
2nd aerial
An adjoined building (not the immediate adjoining building)


The CO meter emits a visual and low audible warning with a slow vibration if the CO in the atmosphere exceeds ___ ppm and a visual and high audible warning with a fast vibration is given if the CO in the atmosphere exceeds ___ ppm