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For a fire in this type of building what signal is transmitted?



What is the single best architectural design feature to identify these buildings? Where will they be located?

The presence of horizontal bands or belt courses which will typically be located about the windows on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors and also below the windows of any of the top 3 full floors. This design feature will be present on a bldg wall that faces the street


In most Class 2 buildings where are the 3 places members can traverse from one section of the building to another?

Cellar, Lobby, Roof


What is the most common fire stair encountered in these buildings? In what stair is the standpipe typically located in these buildings? What other stairs may also contain a standpipe in them?

The open fire stair
Service stair
Shared fire stairs


Prior to using a fire escape in one of these buildings who must you notify? What are some of the factors to consider when deciding whether or not to use these fire escapes?

Company Officer
-CONDITION of FE, HEIGHT of fire floor, presence of a KNOWN LIFE HAZARD, WEATHER conditions, ability to ACCESS the roof via an alternate route, FIRE conditions


Which elevator usually provides access to stair areas and standpipe? Will the service elevator ALWAYS have fireman service installed?

Service Elevator
No, manual mode may need to be used in these elevators for fire fighting operations


Since these apartments may have more than one entrance door the first Eng and first Lad company must communicate to ensure all members are aware of which entrance door operations are being conducted from. This information needs to be communicated to who?

Fire Sector Supervisor (if there is one), members operating on fire floor and floor above


Who determines the attack stair in these buildings? If a building contains open and also enclosed stairs which stairway should be used for evacuation of tenants if possible?

Eng and Lad officers confer.
Enclosed stairs


What size hose will be used in these buildings? Can you stretch it from apparatus?

2.5 inch


And difficultuies in removing the house hose line from the prd must be communicated to who?

Engine and Ladder officers


More than 3 lengths of hose may be required in these buildings, where should this be identified if space permits?



Due to the size of some of these apts, ___ or more lengths of hose may be required



Due to the size of some of these apts the 3rd engine may need to assist in getting the first line into operation, if this is the case who must the 3rd engine officer notify?

IC and 4th due engine officer


Some of these buildings contain elevators WITHOUT Fireman Service, if these elevators ARE NOT being used what should you do with them?

Recall them to the lobby and chock open


Some elevators open directly into apartments or serve isolated vestibules with no access to stairways. These elevators should be what if possible?



In buildings where open interior stairs provide the only access to the roof who determines if roof access for ventilation will be attempted? What are some factors he should consider?

First Due Ladder Officer
-number of floors between fire floor and roof, fire conditions, door control, smoke condition in public hall and stairs above the fire (even if door is controlled), status of FIRST hose line, knowledge of occupants on stairs and halls above, reports of people trapped in fire apt necessitating entry for search


If the officer determines roof access is feasible how many members should be assigned to vent the bulkhead and who are those members?

1st due roof and 2nd due roof or 1st due roof and a member of the 1st ladder company inside team


If the officer determines roof access is feasible what must be done with the fire apt door?

The fire apt door MUST be controlled until the members assigned to vent the bulkhead confirm their arrival on the roof and the bulkhead door is CLOSED or they notify the officer that they have attained an area of refuge


In regards to OV, if outside operations cannot be conducted and elevator operations are not required where shall the 1st due OV go?

Report to their officer for assignment which may include assisting in the search of the fire apt or locating secondary entrances to fire apt or secondary stairways


What is the tool assignment for the 1st due roof ff in these buildings?

Halligan, Maul/Ax, Hydra-Ram *NO LSR*


What is the preferred access to roof in order of priority? (5)

1. Remote UNAFFECTED stair with roof access
2. Adjoining building
3. Aerial Ladder (usually not a viable option)
4. Fire Escape
5. Open Stairs


What company is responsible for ensuring the elevators are recalled and searched?

2nd due truck


What company is responsible for ensuring all evacuation stair doors (if any) are closed on the fire floor

2nd due truck


If ordered deployed by the IC who is responsible for coordinating its deployment?

2nd due truck


In addition to their regular compliment of tools what two additional tools does the 2nd DUE INSIDE TEAM bring?

KO Curtain and Search Rope


For a top floor fire who ENSURES that the KO curtain is brought to the roof (it doesn't specify who is actually supposed to take it)

2nd due ladder officer


If outside ops and elevator ops are not required the 2nd DUE OV shall report to his officer. What 3 things may he be assigned to do?

1. Assist in the search of the fire apt
2. Assist in the search of apartments on the floor above the fire
3. Assist with KO curtain deployment or LSR rescue if necessary


What is the tool assignment for the 2nd due roof ff?

Halligan, Halligan Hook, LSR, Life Belt


Prior to proceeding to the roof where does the 2nd due roof ff bring the LSR? When the FIRE FLOOR is within how many floors of the roof does the 2nd due roof ff take the LSR to the roof?

To the floor above the fire
2 floors


True or false: Due to the size of some apartments in these buildings the 2nd due truck is required on the fire floor to assist the first due truck with searches?