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There are many symptoms of fentanyl exposure. Some of the more pronounced ones are? (4)

-Slowed Heart Rate (Bradycardia)
-Hypoventilation (Slow, shallowed breathing)
-PINPOINT pupils
-LOW bp (hypotension)


Can you treat a patient with suspected fentanyl exposure in the area where the exposure took place?

No, treatment should NEVER take place in this area


If an OD is strongly suspected and patients respiratory rate is less than ___ breaths a minute, administer Narcan nasal spray to both Adult and pediatric patients at the dose of ___ in one nostril, if after ___ to ___ minutes there is no or minimal response repeat administration of ___ in the other nostril with a separate device. Initiate transport. If after ___ minutes the patients respiratory rate is not greater than ___ breaths a minute initiate another dose of Naloxone

2 to 3 minutes
5 minutes


Are hand-sanitizers recommended for use if skin is exposed to fentanyl?



If bunker gear is exposed to fentanyl during firefighting operations should the gear be deconned with copious amounts of water or lightly wetted?

Lightly wetted