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Metabolic acidosis, hyopkalemia and a urine pH >5.5

- type of tubular acidosis?
-increased risk of...?

Distal (type 1) tubular acidosis

-defect in ability of alpha intercalated cells to secrete H+
-No new HCO3- is generated

causes: amphotericin B toxicity, analgesic nephropathy, congenital anomalies (obstruction) of urinary tract

increase risk for calcium phosphate kidney stones


metabolic acidosis, Hypokalemima and a
pH less than 5.5

Proximal (Type 2) tubular acidosis

-defect in PCT HCO3- reabsorption
- increase excretion of HCO3- and subsequent metabolic acidosis

-Causes: Fanconi syndrome and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

Increased risk for hypophosphatemic rickets


Hyperkalemia and urine pH less than 5.5


Decrease NH3 synthesis in PCT; decrease NH4+ excretion

causes: decrease in aldosterone production or aldosterone resistance