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sex determination is set at ________, sex differentiation occurs during _________

fertilization; the embryonic and fetal periods


what forms during the Indifferent stage?

undifferentiated gonads, ducts and external genitalia


what directs gonads to form testes?

expression of SRY gene


development: _____ forms the glans clitoris, _____ form the labia minora, and _____ form the labia majora

genital tubercle; urethral/urogenital folds; labioscrotal swellings


lining of penile urethra is derived from _____ and the portion of the penile urethra within the glans is formed by an ingrowth of _____

the endoderm of the phallic part of the UG sinus; ectoderm


development: _____ forms the glans penis, _____ forms the prostate gland, and _____ forms the scrotum

genital tubercle; urogenital sinus; labioscrotal swellings


caudal 1/3 of paramesonephric ducts fuses and becomes _____, cranial 2/3 remains unfused and becomes _____

uterus and part of vagina; oviduct


in females, cystic remnants of the mesonephric duct can be found where?

within the broad ligament


development: budding of the primordia of the prostate is induced by ______

UG sinus mesenchyme


derivatives of mesonephric duct in males

SEED: seminal vesicles, epididymis, ejaculatory duct, ductus deferens


gonad attachments: cranially (superiorly), the mesenchyme forms a _____ in which will develop the ______. Caudally (inferiorly) a condensation of mesenchyme forms the ______ that attaches the primitive gonad to the ______

suspensory ligament; vascular supply to the gonad; gubernaculum; ventral body wall


what are the cells that are gamete progenitor cells of extra-gonadal origin and that migrate to the gonad during development?

primordial germ cells