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What are three adaptations for drier and cooler environments of gymnosperms?

reduced gametophyte generation, reduced size of leaves, waxy cuticle, evergreens, bark and cones


Why do some plants have seedless fruit?

hormonal trickery


What traits do hornworts share with algae ancestors?

a single, large chloroplast


What is the difference between green fruits and colored fruits?

green fruits are not ripe, are hard, unscented and often sour


True of False. Fungi are mostly autotrophs.

False, they are mostly heterotrophs, but in appearance do look like plants


The first vascular plants (pteridophytes) moved farther inland to avoid competition with bryophytes. What two carbohydrates did these plats start producing that allowed them to live in a drier environment?

Lignin and Pectin


What are Ephedra and Welwitschia?

extreme desert plants; ephedra becomes tumbleweeds when they die and Welwitschia have the largest leaves of all plants.


Which generation is the dominant generation of Pteridophytes?

sporophyte generation