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What is the major cation lost in sweat?



How much water is lost in each part of the nephron?

PCT - 65%
Loop of henle
Descending - 10%
Ascending - 0%
DCT - 10%
CD - 5%


What are the three major driving forces which move Na+ from tubular cells into the peritubular capillaries?

Hydrostatic pressure in the intracellular space
Higher oncotic pressure in peritubular capillaries
Lower hydrostatic pressure in peritubular cappilaries


What histological features of the epithelial cells lining the descending limb of the
loop of Henle indicate that they are not involved in active transport?

Squamous epithelium, no brush border, no mitochondria


Why does the process of glomerular filtration facilitate the reabsorption of solute
and solvent from the inter-cellular spaces?

~20% of solute and water filtered in glomerulus enters kidney tubule. This leaves
protein behind in peritubular capillaries thus higher oncotic pressure; this then
draws water and solute into the blood in these capillaries.