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This is a bit of a repeat from before but I thought this was better organized. So we talked about the 3 phases of sexual arousal: Desire, Arousal and Orgasm. Name the male and female disorder of DESIRE

Male: Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Female: Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder


Name the male and female disorder of AROUSAL

Male: Erectile dysfunction

Female: Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (ours is lumped into desire and arousal)


Name the male and female disorder of orgasm

Male: Delayed/Premature Ejaculation

Female: Female Orgasmic Disorder


How do we see sex addiction?

They use sex as a way to regulate their mood, and look for this stimulation in lots of places.


What is the sex disorder associated with pain in females called?

Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder (often after trauma, cancer, or surgery)


Can all of the sex disorders that we've discussed by caused by substances or medications?



What are some common meds that can cause sexual problems?

Decreased desire: Antidepressants Antipsychotics Decreased function with: -Opiates -Heroin -Alcohol -Chronic nicotine


Is there usually one cause of sexual dysfunction??

NO its "multidetermined"

Examples of problems:

-You don't like each other

-You are stressed

-You're on certain meds

-Sociocultural factors

-You have a psychiatric disorder You get the picture


What are some medical causes of sexual dysfunction?

1. Cardiovascular

2. DM

3. Smoking

4. Hormonal (prolactinoma)

5. Arthritis

6. MSK pain


What are the general guidelines when assessing sexual function

1. Acknowledge discomfort in discussion

2. Encourage pt to do their best

3. Permission-giving style (giving permission to feel uncomfortable)


5. Educate

6. Include partner


What's the name of the recently approved drug for female sexual desire disorder?

Flibanserin (Addyl) PINK VIAGRA


What are the vacuum constriction devices for men and women?

Females: Eros

Males: ErecAid


Other than the vacuums and pills, what other options are there to treat sexual dysfunction?

1. Lubricants

2. Gels

3. Penile implants (inflatable or noninflatable) but these are rarely used anymore


What are some normal age related changes in sexual function?

a. Decreased vaginal lubrication

b. Thinning of vaginal mucosa

c. Decreased estrogen levels

a. More time required for stimulation to obtain and maintain an erection

b. Reduction of semen volume
c. Graduate decline in testosterone levels 


Why should physicians and other health care professionals routinely ask about sexual practices and sexual functioning? 

A. The Front Line.

B. Physicians are the first point of contact.

C. Sexual difficulties are prevalent.

D. Safe Sex requires education

E. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) 


What are the general treatment options? (Really general here, 8 broad categories) 

1. Self-help books

2. Drugs

3. Vacuum constriction devices 

4. Lubricants

5. Gels

6. ArginMax (nutritional supplement shown to increase sexual interest in females)

7. Penile impants (not really used anymore) 

8. Psychological treatments: therapy or specific techniques 


She lists a lot of drugs just off hand in this lecture, not going into sepcifics at all. We've heard of some so I'm just going to list them here so you have a familiarity that they can alos be used for sexual dysfunction.

Female Sexual Dysfunction: 

1. Estrogen Replacement Therapy: The replacement of estrogen in menopausal women serves to improve clitoral sensitivity, increase libido and decrease pain during sexual intercourse.

2. Bromocriptine (Parlodel®) for elevated prolactin (prolactinemia) associated with infertility and low sexual desire.

3. Flibanserin for postmenopausal women with low desire