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In measuring a infant's behavioral style, there are two scales that we can use. They are.....

1. Quantitative Behavioral Dimension: measure of shyness vs. assertiveness
2. Qualitative Internal Dimension: measure ability to regulate emotions


What are some different types of baby styles?

Joyful and assertive: new situations are da bomb
Slow to Adapt: new situations cause moderate fear and withdrawal. Slow approach
Difficult: new situations cause high levels of fear and anxiety


Mothers tend to be more _________,_________ and ______ than fathers. This is why the infant's earliest attachment is with the mother.

Soothing, calming and enveloping (apparently this is a board question go figure)


Infants seek sensual/sexual stimulation though _________

oral mucosa stimulation (suckling)


What is Freud's first stage of psychosexual development state?

This ORAL STAGE states that infants use their mouths to explore and learn about their bodies, people and things


In attachment to the father, what is the father's direct and indirect role?

Direct: foster infant's attachment to himself
Indirect: foster infant's attachment to his wife


Social (selective) smile occurs between what time period

Between 4 weeks and 3 months. This is given preferentially to both parents.


When does stranger anxiety develop?

5-6 months. Apparently at this point the infant is able to compare the memory of his mother's face to the stranger's face and realize that they are not in fact the same.


When does separation anxiety develop?

8 months. Baby is able to connect the perception of parents getting ready to leave (putting on coat etc) with the bad feelings he/she got when the parent was gone. Often related to the parents not being truthful about how long they will be gone for.


The baby is happiest when the amount of stimulation it is receiving is.....

Not too much, not too little, but JUSTTTTTT RIGHHTTTTT (spent a good 5 minutes talking about this i kid you not)


With too much or too little stimulation the baby might

Avert their gaze
Flight or fight response (pushing away, turning away)


What age group is a toddler

18 months-3 years


What are two social tasks of a toddler?

1. To form the belief that they are a separate individual who can begin to think, act and feel on their own. Basically the beginning of an autonomous identity
2. Gender identity "I am a girl!" or "I am a boy!"


What is the 2nd Erikson psychosocial task of life?

Exploring is Good even if sometimes its scary


When does potty training start and what anatomical change allows for this to occur?

Around age 2.
There is maturation of the anal sphincter muscles


How do you get your kid to go potty in the toilet???? I couldn't help myself. Too funny.

You encourage him/her-->"You can do it!!"
And you promote separation when they don't do it-->time out when they go in the diaper


Cognitive/Intellectual Maturation occurs during what time period?

3-6 years