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When considering GROSS MOTOR skills, how does the developmental line change with age?

1 week: eyes
2 months: Neck
4 months: Torso
6 months: Waist
9 months: Keens
12 months: Feet

What is means is that above the developmental line the baby has pretty good control. So at 2 months the baby can support its own head, and at 6 months he/she can sit up with little support.


In FINE MOTOR skills, how does development change with age?

Fine motor skills develop from the ulnar to radial part of the hand. So kids will scrape things with their pinky finger (6 months), and then transition to using their whole hand and eventually using the adorable pincer motion to pick up little Cheereos (only Cheereos and nothing else) by 12 months.


Week 1 reflexes

1. Moro
2. Rooting: month movement when stimulating side of mouth
3. Stepping
4. Grasping
5. Tonic Neck


Week 1 gross motor

1. Turn head when nose touching surface
2. Supine equal body movements
3. Ventral suspension: flex around supporting hand
4. Supine Flexion


Week 1 Language

Respond to Santa's sleigh bells. Only Santa's. I obviously didn't meet this milestone.


Week 1 Social

Regard face


2 Month Gross Motor

1. Lift head and chest (while prone).
2. Ventral suspension: lift head to plane of body when resting on someones hand (superman pose)


2 Month Lanuage

Oohs and Ahhs


2 Month Fine Motor

Track stimuli past midline


2 Month Social

MAY SMILE. I started smiling at 2 weeks.


4 Month Gross Motor

1. Head up to vertical while prone (TV watching pose, support on elbows)
2. Symmetrical posture while supine (starfish pose)
3 No head lag while sitting up from supine position
4. Standing (may bear weight but probs not they are only 4 months relax omg)
3. Tripod sit


4 Month Language



4 Month Fine Motor

1. Follow past midline
2. Hand together
3. Grasp Rattle
4. Briefly regard pellet (wtf)


4 Month Social

1. Regards own hand
2. Displeasure if social contact broken


6 Month Gross

1. Chest up with arm support (cobra pose)
2. Supine turn over
3. Sitting
4. Crawl/creep around


6 Month Language

Turn to rattle or voice


6 Month Fine Motor

1. Rakes at a pellet
2. Grasp transfer
3. Reach and grasp.


6 Month Social

Feed yourself a cracker (not a pretzel, or cookie, or cake, a cracker)


9 Month Gross Motor

1. Sitting alone with straight back
2. Stand with support
3. Crawling or creepy crawling


9 Month Fine Motor

Assisted pincer grasp


9 Month Social

1. Uncovers hidden object
2. Alert to sound of own name
3. May play Peek-a-boo!
4. Eating (because before babies do not eat ever)


12 Month Gross Motor

1. Sitting: pulls to a stand
2. Standing: walks holding onto furniture
3. Gets to sitting from prone


12 Month Lanuage



12 Month fine motor

1. Pincer grip fo realz
2. Release object on request and gesture
3. Bang 2 objects held in hands (that's going to get old real fast)


12 Month Social

1. Patty-cake
2. Drink from a cup (getting classy over hur)
3. Wave TOODLES (bye)


18 Month Gross Motor

1. Run stiffly (awkwardly)
2. Walk backwards
3. May walk downstairs with hand held
4. May take clothes off (getting frisky)
5. Assists in taking clothes off (again, frisky)
6. Throw ball overhead


18 Month Language

1. Understand 2-3 words
2. Combine 2 words
3. May say up to 6 words (so we say more than we understand? some things never change I supposed)


18 Month Fine Motor

1. Stack 4 blocks
2. Scribble
3. Blow Nose


18 Month Social

1. Help with house work
2. Drink from cup with no lid
3. Imitate activities
4. Play ball/throw with partner


24 Month Gross Motor

1. Jump up and down (and move it all around)
2. Throw ball overhead (more than before)
3. Run less awkwardly
4. Walk upstairs
5. Kick ball forward (pro soccer player practically)


24 Month Language

Say 30-50 Words


24 Month Fine Motor Skills

Stack 6 Cubes


24 Month Social

1. Take off your clothes
2. Use spoon/fork
3. Wash hands (finally you dirty child. Just kidding luv u)


3 Year Gross Motor

1. Balances on one foot for one second
2. Broad jumps “two feet forward”
3. Rides a tricycle
4. Throws a ball overhand
5. Climbs ladders and uses a slide
6. Walks up and down stairs, one foot on each step


3 Year Language

~250 words and 3-4 word sentences
SUPER CHATTY, lots of why questions lol


3 Year Fine Motor

1. Use scissors
2. Build tower 6+ high
3. Copy circles and crosses
4. Dress and undress


3 Year Social

1. Understand "taking turns"
2. Comfort others who are upset
3. Lots of emotion expression
4. Can separate from parents and likes playing with friends


4 Year Gross Motor

1. Hops on one foot
2. Balances on one foot for two seconds
3. Goes upstairs and downstairs
4. Catches a bounced ball some of the time
5. Pours, cuts with supervision, and mashes own food
6. May be able to skip
7. Can use the toilet on her own
8. Swings and climbs


4 Year Language

1. Speaks in a manner that is 100% intelligible to a stranger
2. Four-word sentences
3. Can tell a story
4. Knows at least four colors
5. Uses an extended vocabulary to express oneself
6. Knows “he” and “she”
7. Sings a song or says a poem from memory such as the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
8. Can say first and last name


4 Year Social

1. Can follow rules
2. Engages in more intricate fantasy play
3. Enjoys playing together cooperatively
4. Talks about what they like and what they are interested in


4 Year Fine Motor

1. Can copy a cross
2. Draws at least six body parts on a person


5 Year Gross Motor

1. Skips
2. Balance on one foot for >5 seconds


5 Year Language

1. Can follow complex directions
2. Uses all parts of speech and past, present, and future tenses
3 . Can be easily understood by others
4. Can say their name and address, if this has been practiced
5. Tells a simple story using full sentences


5 Year Social

1. Plays dress-up and domestic role play
2. Follows rules of their community
3. Can play well with others
4. Knows how to take turns and share, but may not want to
5. Shows more independence
6. Is sometimes demanding and sometimes very cooperative


5 Year Fine Motor

1. Dresses and ties independently
2. Draws ten body parts on a person
3. Prints letters
4. Knows left and right
5. Can copy shapes
6. Cuts paper with scissors


Discuss changes in language up to one year

Week 1 – Respond to Santa bells ONLY
2 month – Oohs and Ahhs
4 month – LOL and Squeel
6 month language – Turns to rattle/voice
9 month – Imitate speech, single syllables, non specific dad and mom, jabbers
12 month – Specific Dad and mama


Discuss changes in language from 18 months to 4 years

18 month – Understands 2 or 3 word, combines a couple words

24 months – 30 – 50 words

3 years – 250 words and 3-4 word sentences, super chatty, lots of questions

4 years – Strangers understand, four word sentences, stories, he/she, name, singing, also knows four colors


Discuss the first 12 months of gross motor skills

Week 1 - Turn head when nose touching surface, Supine equal body movements ventral suspension: flex around supporting hand, Supine Flexion

2 month - Lift head and chest (while prone), Ventral suspension: lift head to plane of body when resting on someones hand (superman pose)

4 month - Head up to vertical while prone (TV watching pose, support on elbows)
Symmetrical posture while supine (starfish pose), No head lag while sitting up from supine position, Standing (may bear weight but probs not they are only 4 months relax omg), Tripod sit

6 month – cobra pose, roll over, sitting, may crawl/creep around

9 month - Sitting alone with straight back, Stand with support, creep/crawl around

12 month gross motor – Sitting and pulls to a stand, standing, walks holding onto furniture, gets to sitting from prone


Discuss the first 12 months of fine motor skills

Week 1 – Baby can’t do shit, but has reflexes

2 month - Track stimuli past midline

4 month – Follow beyond the midline, hands together, grasp a rattle, and regards his pellet…oh yea

6 month – Gonna rake at that pellet (wants to be a farmer), grasp transfer, reach and grasp

9 month – Pincer grasp – assisted

12 month – Graduation: Pincer grasp for real, release object on request, bang two objects together


Discuss the first 12 months of social stuff

Week 1 – Regard face

2 months – May smile

4 months – regards hand, displeasure if social contact broken

6 month – Feeds himself a cracker with that hand

9 months - Uncovers hidden object, Alert to sound of own name, May play Peek-a-boo, Eating (because before babies do not eat ever)

12 month – patty cake, drink fro ma cup, waves goodbye